Spiritual perspective on famine and starvation

Question: What does physical starvation mirror from the condition of the three higher minds? 3.1 million, or 5% of the 60 million total deaths each year, are from child malnutrition. What causes the soul to embody in a situation where starvation is likely? Is starvation mostly caused by the greed of fallen beings, or what is the spiritual component? Are these many souls starving for some sort of connection with their higher selves?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, the issue of starvation is complex and has various causes, but one of the main reasons behind it all is, of course, the inequality created by the fallen beings. They have always attempted to set themselves up as a privileged elite that is enslaving the majority of the population. Now the fallen beings have been retreating, in the sense that in many of the more modern countries people are no longer starving because they have had to give some more wealth to the general population. But you still have this imbalance on a world scale, where there are nations that are behind the others. You see that, as you had in the feudal societies of medieval Europe, you have a privileged elite and a poor majority of the population. So now you have certain countries that are the privileged elite in the world, and other countries where many people are still starving. This is partly as a result of this manipulation of the fallen beings. It is also partly a result of the fact that the people in the modern democracies have not awakened themselves to what I call the basic humanity and said: “Would we accept that children in our country were starving to death? Then why are we accepting that people in India or Bangladesh are starving to death?”

But you can also look at this from the perspective of the soul. What has happened over a very long time span, since the fallen beings began to embody on planet Earth, is that they have caused these very chaotic conditions. There have been wars, wars have created famine, they have caused the imbalanced emotions which have affected weather conditions that have caused famine. You have seen many of these conditions that have caused people to either live in poverty or even starve to death, or watch their children starve to death. Sometimes, this has been caused deliberately as you saw Stalin causing the famine in Ukraine.

So what you have is a large number of souls that for many lifetimes have experienced these conditions. This has caused them to have partly what we have called hatred of the Mother, but even just a distrust that the Mother is willing to nurture them. In their minds they have created this schism, this gap, where they dare not trust that the Mother wants to nurture them. They dare not trust that they live in a friendly universe because they have experienced so often that they do not live on a friendly planet. Of course, because of the manipulation of the fallen beings, there have been many epochs of this Earth where it has not been a friendly planet to be on. So it is understandable that people have these conditions in their psychology, in their three higher bodies, and unfortunately it is not an easy thing to correct. It could really begin to be corrected if these people saw that people in other countries cared about them and were willing to help them. It could also be corrected when the economy in these countries improves so that people begin to believe: “Yes, I can have a job, and I don’t need to ever starve again, and my children don’t need to grow up having too little food, being malnourished.”

So this can gradually happen, and it has already happened in some of what used to be called third world countries, but there is a long ways to go.

It is clearly the hope of us that people in the Western countries will wake up and realize that it is their responsibility to use their affluence, it is their opportunity to use their affluence, to reach out to these people. The unfortunate fact is that on an unnatural planet whatever you project will reinforce itself and become more and more extreme until you realize that you need to change your attitude before the outer conditions can truly change. That is why you see today, you see in history, so many times where the Divine Mother has been forced to outpicture these very unpleasant conditions until people finally reached that shift where they started looking at themselves and what they could do, regardless of outer conditions. This is something that you who are ascended master students can hold a vision for, you can make the calls for if you feel moved to it, but there are, of course, many other things to make the calls for. So we do not want you to feel overwhelmed.


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