Spiritual perspective on euthanasia

Question: Question about euthanasia.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

Again my beloved, a complex topic that has many subtle aspects. If you want to simplify it, you could say you are on a planet where free will reigns supreme. So therefore, a person has the right to decide that it wants to terminate its life without going through a very painful process of illness. This we say based on the fact that free will is the ultimate, but of course the question is always how free of a choice are people making; and now we come to the more subtle aspects where in an ideal situation people would know certain facts about their spiritual reality.

They would know about reincarnation, they would know about the need to resolve your psychology, overcome a certain level of consciousness, and that a physical illness could be an expression of a certain level of consciousness. They would know that there can actually be a certain shift of consciousness that people go through as they are physically ill and that therefore, it could be valuable for their long term growth that they actually experience the illness to the end, because by going through that process of knowing that the body is dying they can process many questions, many thoughts, many ideas that they had not thought about earlier in their lives.

And so, you see here that from a simple perspective you can say that people have the free will to decide, but again, there can be many cases where if people just decide that they want to avoid the pain, they are actually hindering their growth and they are actually creating a situation where they will have more limitations in their next lifetime, and they might have the disease reoccur, and they might also come into their next lifetime without having had the resolution that they could have had if they had stayed alive to the end of the process.

Now of course, one of the difficulties that comes into the play is that modern medicine has created certain technology that allows people – that allows the physical body – to be kept alive artificially. And so if you look at a situation where you didn’t have the modern technology say, a hundred years ago. Somebody contracts a disease. There is then we might call it a natural, although no disease is strictly natural, but there is a certain process that this person will go through, and it could be very, very individual based on giving the person the opportunity to shift their consciousness.

You will see for example, that there are people who are ill and who can come to a point where they say, “I am at peace, I want to go now”, and in some cases they can leave the body behind because they feel they have the resolution to leave. Then there are others who never come to that point; but an illness can be an opportunity for people to face issues that they have not faced before, and therefore you will say that in the previous time the so called natural process of the illness would be adapted to giving the person the maximum opportunity to shift their consciousness.

And so you could say that without the intervention of modern medicine, it would be natural that the person would die at a certain time. What you have now is that you have a mindset in modern medicine that the most important thing is to preserve the physical life; and so you have created these procedures and technology whereby you can extend the physical life for as long as possible, and this means that there are cases where you have extended the lifespan of that person beyond what was natural. In other words, it would have been ideal from a spiritual perspective that the person had died sooner but now this artificial medicine has kept the person or the physical body alive longer so that the person is still tied to the body.

This also means that there are some cases where the person is kept in a state of great pain longer than normal, and in that case it can be constructive if the person has the intuitive attunement for the person to say, “I feel it’s my time to go, I don’t want my body to be kept alive any longer, I don’t feel I need to experience this pain, or I don’t want to be sedated by pain killers, so just allow the body to die”. This can be a valid way to do it, but then the person is not seeking to run away from the pain or run away from facing its issues. And so again in an ideal situation the person would know about the spiritual side of life, has resolved many issues in its lifetime, has worked on its intuition, and therefore the person can know – this is my time to go, just allow it to happen.

But if people do not have that then there are more issues that come into play here and it becomes much more difficult to say, “Should society legalize euthanasia?” And this is an issue that must be decided in each country because it depends on the national psyche and it becomes a challenge for the national psyche to deal with this issue as it always is a challenge for society to deal with these life and death issues.

Ideally every society should be facing a lot of issues, but there’s always a tendency that people want to take the easy way out and ignore issues, but there are certain issues of life and death that most people feel they can’t ignore, and so that is often the greatest source of growth; not because it needs to be that way, but because of the avoidance. And so it’s important in this time that every country has a debate about this and what they should allow.

Now, we are in Holland which has probably the most liberal laws anywhere on the planet about this issue, and I can tell you that in this case Holland is in many ways too liberal, has too little respect for life because there isn’t the spiritual awareness; and so there has actually developed a certain consciousness in Holland where the people see themselves as being very avant guard, very advanced. But you are not nearly as advanced as you think because you don’t incorporate the spiritual perspective; and so there is a tendency to want to play God, and this you also see especially focused in the medical establishment in Holland where many doctors feel that they should be allowed to decide when a certain person should die because they are capable of deciding this.

But my beloved, if you have a materialistic approach to life, you are in no way, shape, or form capable of deciding when another human being should die. Believe me my beloved, tremendous karma can be made by this, and we are of course not interested in anyone making karma unnecessarily. And so, this is an issue where it isn’t actually possible for us to give a clear cut answer about what a particular nation should do, and the reason for this is that even if the lawmakers in a nation were willing to listen to the ascended masters, we wouldn’t want to give an answer because we want the nation to go through the process of debating the topic and coming to its own conclusions.

And so, if we had the ear of the people in a nation we would still allow them to go through the debate and then we might at some point step in and give some directions if we saw that they were stuck and that they had the potential to go higher. And so these are the remarks I want to give for now, although this of course is not the final word on the issue.


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