Spiritual experiences without drama and contrast

Question: I have an expectation that when I connect to my I Am Presence or to an ascended master, I will experience some spectacular feeling or experience. But could this be an unrealistic expectation? And that this connection is more subtle and not as different from my normal awareness. Is there any experience or general state of mind that we will feel as we let go of more and more selves? Or is it more an individual experience to everyone?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

You are perfectly correct that it is an unrealistic expectation. In a sense, we can say that all expectations are unrealistic expectations. But in this particular case, you need to recognize here that we have given some teachings about the difference between non-duality and duality. In duality, you have two opposites: black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. They are absolute opposites, there are no shades in between. That is why there is always a very big contrast between them. This consciousness of duality, has been projected upon spiritual teachings, spiritual masters, spiritual experiences, to where many people have created this awareness that if they are really spiritual, if they are having a really spiritual experience, it should be some dramatic experience that is very different from their normal state of consciousness.

And of course, you can find many people who have had dramatic experiences, but they seem dramatic, only in contrast to their normal state of awareness. Some people have forced these experiences, for example, through drugs or through unbalanced spiritual practices. Some people have had them spontaneously because it was part of their divine plan.

But nevertheless, the reality is, as you have correctly intuited, that as you raise your awareness more and more, as you begin to raise your awareness out of duality towards non-duality, you are escaping the dualistic extremes. You are escaping the “pairs” as Gautama Buddha called it and therefore, there will be less and less of a contrast between your spiritual experiences and your everyday experience, because your everyday experience will be raised up, but this happens so gradually, that you have time to get used to it. There comes a point where you have a much more peaceful state of mind than you had before, but you have gotten used to it so it is your normal state of awareness.

When you experience the presence of a master, it is much closer to what is now your normal state, whereas it is still far from what it was before. This messenger, for example, had some more dramatic experiences when he was younger. And from time to time, there are people who think that he must constantly have these dramatic experiences of interacting with us or taking a dictation. But as he has explained himself, when you raise your consciousness, there is not the contrast. And he just strives to be in a neutral state of mind, where he is not experiencing our presence as something dramatic, or something dramatically different from his normal state of mind. Of course, it is different, of course, there are some times that he has a more intense experience than others, but still, you need to recognize that the higher you go on the path, the less drama, the less contrast and the less you have these “peak” experiences, because in a sense, your normal state of consciousness becomes a peak experience.


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