Speaking to people about spirituality

Question:  In view of the fact that many of us have already been in this particular embodiment for a considerable number of years and might not have huge quantities of time left in this particular embodiment, how do we come to speak the Living Word in the same way, say, the apostles did under the descent of the Holy Spirit? How do we move to that level?

This answer was given by the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels at a conference in Holland, 2016.

There is a tendency to idolize everything, so there is a tendency to think that the apostles could speak in a way that is beyond what most people could ever envision doing for themselves. We are not talking about the Living Word only being a dictation, for example.

When you are talking to someone in a conversation and what you are saying flows from a deeper part of your being − flows from the heart where you are expressing yourself with this inner feeling of peace and conviction − that is also the Living Word. Many of you can already do it. In fact, all of you have done it. You may not have realized what you were doing, you may not have labeled it, but you have done it.

When you speak from a state of love, from a state of peace, from a state of freedom where you are freely sharing yourself, sharing what you believe, you have no intention of converting other people. You are not trying to force them or put anything upon them, but you are sharing of yourself. That is the Living Word, and many of you will know you can do this, and you can very quickly come to realize this, and you can very quickly come to feel: “Ah, there is the flow!”

You can also come to feel when the flow is not there, when you are perhaps coming from an intellectual perspective, where you are seeking to present some kind of argument to people that will convince them from an intellectual level. You are frustrated because for every argument you present, they have a counter argument, and you never seem to get anywhere. You can have conversations where you have been going on for some time trying to convince somebody and suddenly you feel a shift. Now, you are just speaking from the heart, and all of a sudden you are connecting to the person at the heart level, and both of you are out of your heads, and this is also the Living Word.

It is not so much a particular outer expression—it is certainly not something that is beyond any of you. It does not require you to speak a certain way with a certain tone of voice. You may hear a dictation spoken a certain way because that is the way it flows, but it is not the totality of the Living Word or the only way that the Living Word can flow. Therefore, many of you are already expressing the Living Word.

How do you become better at it? Well, by working on your psychology, using the tools so that you can go global in the sense that you are not talking to people in order to fulfil some kind of emotional, mental pattern, for example, the need to have validation from others. If you are speaking with the desire for validation, for example, you will always be disappointed if people do not respond the way you expect, and in most cases they will not respond the way you expect. You need to get beyond that, and then you can speak to people where you are setting them free, but you are also setting yourself free. The more you can set yourself free, the more you will be an exponent, an open door, for the Living Word.

The Living Word is not saying particular words in a particular way. The Living Word is a flow, is a flow of love from the Spirit. When you feel that in your heart, most of the people you are talking to will also feel it. Those who do not feel it—you are not discouraged, you are not disturbed, you just move on to someone else that you might be able to help.

You cannot help everybody. This messenger had the mistaken belief for many years that if he was resolved enough in his own psychology − if he had raised his level of skills, his level of knowledge and mastery to a certain level − then he should be able to help everybody. He should be able to find something to say to any person that would help them.

This is a mistaken belief that is not based on the recognition, first of all, of free will, second of all, the fact that people are at so many levels of consciousness and awareness. When you have raised your level of consciousness to a certain level, you cannot reach a person who is at the lowest level of consciousness allowed on earth. You have nothing in common, you almost do not even have a common language in terms of concepts and feelings and experiences and ways of looking at life.

That is why you have to set yourself free from all of these contrived evaluations and analyses of how you are supposed to speak the Living Word. Be yourself. I know that being yourself does not mean do anything you want, say anything you want. To fully be yourself you need a certain level of resolution of your psychology, but many of you have reached that level already where you are free enough to be relaxed, to be at peace, to flow with love, and then you just say to yourself: “I do not have to be perfect in order to be able to express the Living Word, I just have to be relaxed, to be centered in the heart, to be flowing, and not take things so seriously.”

My beloved, we are really desiring to raise you to a level where the spiritual path is joyful for you, where expressing the Living Word is a source of joy for you, not a source of stress, not a burden, not this anxious feeling of: “Am I doing the right thing? Could I be doing something wrong? Is somebody going to criticize me? Am I going to make karma? Are the masters not going to like what I am doing?” All of these considerations, we would love to see drop from you so you are free to be yourself and enjoy the time you have left in embodiment.

Feel the flow of joy, the joy of being in embodiment, the joy of raising your consciousness, the joy of walking the path and interacting with us. This is what we would all love to see for all of you, and all spiritual people around the world. We do not want you to be so burdened, to be so serious. We want you to be joyful.


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