Speaking out without inner tension 

Question: How to talk about ideas presented in ascended master teachings to the people who are not aware of the teachings in a way where the student doesn’t have a need to use the dualistic mindset to reason and try to use the teachings from the ascended masters as some ultimate proof point for bringing the idea or invalidate other teachings. How to stand up with ideas presented by the ascended masters through this dispensation, and not owning anything but at the same time not doubting the ideas if someone questions them, or even ignores them. I see there is a very high risk to fall into spiritual pride, feeling superior or special. I see a separate self who is afraid of talking about ideas brought by the ascended masters in the public or to new people because of fear of being ridiculed or put down. Also, if I don’t talk about ideas presented by ascended masters, it feels not right either. How to approach this constructively?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, this is certainly a problem that is very universal to avatars, whether they are in ascended master teachings or not. Avatars generally feel that you came to earth to make a difference so that means that you have this urge, this drive, sometimes even an obsessive compulsion to speak out, to help other people.

Of course, when you find an ascended master teaching and accept it, you experience that this increases your own understanding tremendously and therefore you tend to assume that if you just could present the ascended masters ideas to people and get them to accept them as you have done, it would have the same effect in their minds. This, of course, is not a realistic assumption. As Gautama Buddha just explained, there are 7 billion people on the planet who have each their own individual personal ideology and perception filter. You can present people with an idea that has had a tremendous impact on you but some of them will be opposed to it, some of them will ignore it and find it not interesting at all.

This very much, for avatars, ties in with going back to when you first came to earth, you came here with a positive desire to help people make a difference. You knew that this required you to help people see what they could not see and accept new ideas and you all felt that you were rejected at some point, often forcefully put down by the fallen beings, but you often felt you were ignored and rejected by the population of earth.

This is a dynamic that in order to fully overcome it, you need to take our teachings on the primal self and the birth trauma and work with them to overcome those selves. But you also need to go a step further and look at what brought you to earth, what ideas and desires did you have, like we have used the example several times of this messenger coming to this realization, as the first step, that there was nothing he had to do on earth.

He has also later realized many other aspects of this, that he does not have to achieve any results on earth, he does not have to come up with any final understanding or proof on earth, he does not have to convince anyone on earth, he does not have to change anyone on earth, he does not have to change anything on earth.

You can see that if you can overcome these selves that go back to your first coming here, then what will actually happen is that you will be free of this sense of compulsion. You will not feel that you have to speak out or that you have to speak out in every situation, you will be able to sort of feel intuitively when it is constructive to speak out and when it is not. More importantly, you will speak out without having an inner tension about speaking out.

When you can do this, you will find that you get a different reaction from people. Still, there will be some people who cannot grasp what you are saying. There might still be a few that will oppose it, but you will not get the same reaction from people that you do when you speak out with this inner tension. Furthermore, you will not have the same reaction in yourself if people reject what you are saying, you will just allow them to have their free will, be unaffected by it and continue to speak out.

What will also happen when you overcome the selves that give you this compulsion to speak out is that you will not need to prove anything, you will not need to appeal to any kind of authority. It is very correct that a typical reaction not only from ascended master students, but from really anybody who has been convinced about a certain belief system is that you have come to see the ascended master teachings as some kind of authority.

Here you are hoping you can convince another person, and you are hoping that the other person will also accept the teachings as an authority. But again, this is not a realistic expectation, because people are in a different state of mind. When you transcend that need to prove anything, to have some kind of authority, you are not putting pressure on people, and when you do not put pressure on people, they do not react as strongly as they do when you are subconsciously trying to pressure them, which they always sense.

What happens then is that you can adopt a new approach. Instead of trying to convince them, instead of coming with the approach of: “They should react a certain way, they should accept what you are saying, they should be converted by it”, you are simply sharing what happened to you. You are sharing how you found these particular viewpoints very helpful, how they changed your outlook on life, how they changed the way you experience life, how they gave you a greater sense of peace and enjoyment and fulfillment.

You are just sharing your experience with the teachings. That is a fundamentally different approach than when you have these selves left that give you this compulsion to speak out and that also give you this fear of being rejected. You can strive to come to that point where you are neutral. This also involves, as the teachings have been given, overcoming this ideological approach.

Also when you get rid of these separate selves, that is when you can follow the call of all religions: “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you, (do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you).” You do not want other people to force you, so you do not want to force other people.

Basically, what we can say is that when you take Gautama’s teachings about the ideological mindset, and how many people in the world have realized that it does not help to force, it does not create a better society to force, you can see that it does not create a better society to force certain ideas upon other people. What you can even say is that if you take the admonishment ‘to do unto others’ to its logical fulfillment, or extreme point, it is that you may have a desire to change society. If you look at all the ideologies that have been given on earth, you could say that one of the things they have in common is that they are all based on this idea that in order to change society, you have to change other people.

There is, as Gautama Buddha explained, the division into those who are promoting the ideology and seeking to change and those who are resisting it and those who are promoting the ideology always believe that the way to change society is to change other people. But when you take the teachings of the mystical path, as given by the Buddha, by Jesus, by many other teachers, you see that the reality is that the way to change society is to change yourself.

When you have changed yourself, then you can share that process with others and that might inspire others, at least some people will understand. And this then, when it builds critical mass will change society. But again, the key is to recognize that whenever you have a tension in you, whenever you feel a compulsion to change other people, a tension about approaching other people, this comes from separate selves.

The way to get free of it is to come to see those selves, flush them out in the open, separate yourself from them, see the belief behind it, dismiss the belief and just let the self die instead of trying to solve the problem by forcing and convincing other people.


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