Speaking in tongues

Question: I was wondering if you could speak to the nature of speaking in tongues as described in the bible and as it is described now as light language. It was something I was exposed to as a youth and re-emerged as something I felt led to now. As it is something I haven’t seen in the teachings, I wanted to get your stance on it. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

The modern version of speaking in tongues practiced by certain Christian churches is not in alignment with what is described in the Scriptures and what actually happened to the disciples at the Pentecost event. We actually describe in the My Lives book this event from a different perspective where we say that the Spirit overpowered the early disciples and apostles to not speak in various physical languages or even in angelic tongues but to be able to speak directly to the heart of the audience. To reach their hearts, to be able to express a teaching that was exactly what people needed at their present level of consciousness that could take them up higher.

This has been perverted by certain later churches who have had a desire, as many Christians have a desire, to create some kind of visible, tangible phenomenon that people can see and they cannot deny that there is something unusual going on. This is this desire to convert other people even the desire for the second coming where I am to supposedly appear in the sky in some undeniable manifestation that would force all people to convert to Christianity – a complete violation of free will and the need for plausible deniability at the present stage of the Earth‘s evolution.

These people had an inordinate desire for some kind of visible manifestation. You actually see the same among some modern channelers who want to have some kind of phenomenon that can be physically felt or seen so that people are pulled into an emotional reaction to this. In the vast majority of cases these people are not in contact with beings in the ascended realm or in the angelic realm but they are dealing with imposters in the mental and emotional realm.


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