Song lyrics that make references to Satan

TOPICS: Dark forces inspire certain types of music – subliminal messages in music and advertising – people with low consciousness more affected – people who deny existence of dark forces are the most vulnerable –

Question: Thank you Master Jesus and Kim for all the wonderful teachings you have given through this website. I have gained much insight and I appreciate it with all my heart. I would like to ask some future questions on music. I have found that many messages in song lyrics when played backwards make references to Satan. Can our lifestreams understand the messages backwards and what does it all mean. For years many of my friends have listened to various groups that are sending out these messages but have never had any desire to worship the devil. They have grown up and become respectable family oriented people. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explained in the answer to another question, rock music forces the light downward and concentrates it in the lower chakras. This is forcing the light to flow in the opposite direction than what was intended by God. Therefore, such music will have a negative impact on your spiritual progress. Obviously, such music could not be created or inspired by the forces of light. Therefore, it must be inspired by the forces of darkness.

The simple fact is that many modern musicians, especially many rock musicians, follow some form of satanism. Not all of them do this deliberately or consciously, but some are openly worshipers of Satan.

The dark forces will use any method available to them to influence people, and music is a very powerful tool for evil or for good. The combination of the rock beat and song lyrics with an openly negative message or a hidden negative message can have a powerful impact on the subconscious mind. You have probably heard that some advertising contains subliminal messages, and I can assure you that such messages are found in so many places in society that most people would be shocked if they realized the extent to which such messages are being used. The reason such messages are being used in advertising is that they work. The reason they are being used in rock music is that the dark forces know they work, even if the rock musicians themselves are not consciously aware of what they are doing.

Fortunately, the effect of such messages is highly dependent on a person’s consciousness. Some people have, over many lifetimes, lowered their consciousness to the point that they are not able to maintain a very strong sense of individuality and personality. Such people tend to follow what some psychologists have called the mass consciousness. These people’s soul vehicles have become so fragmented or wounded, as explained elsewhere, that they do not have a strong enough sense of identity to go against the mass consciousness. Therefore, such lifestreams are highly vulnerable to subliminal messages, whether in music or elsewhere. However, such people are also easily swayed by conscious messages. Therefore, the dark forces do not gain as much by using subliminal messages on such people.

People who are more whole and have a stronger sense of identity are not as easily affected by subliminal messages. Because of their stronger sense of identity, their subconscious minds will reject such messages as being untrue. This is especially the case for people who are conscious about the fact that there are certain influences in society that are dangerous. The people who are most vulnerable to subconscious manipulation are the ones who refuse to believe in dark forces. You might recall my saying that you need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. The most vulnerable are those who think it is enough to be harmless as doves.

The friends you describe are probably mature lifestreams and have been able to listen to such music without being overpowered by the music itself or by the hidden messages. Nevertheless, the music and the messages can still have the effect of slowing down such people’s spiritual progress by impeding the natural flow of energy. In other words, people will be more spiritual, more harmonious and more whole if they abstain from participating in the rock culture and all that follows along with it, such as drugs and promiscuity.


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