Some people have lost physical desire for sex

TOPICS: Jesus has experienced every aspect of the human condition – many people transcended physical need for sex in past lives – long for deeper spiritual union – the teachings of God do not oppose your true nature –

Question: Since you are spiritual teacher, aren’t you suppose to experience the human condition. Love hate fear jealousy anger lust all these other things that make man. aren’t you suppose to have experienced whatever you talk about. Shouldn’t you have married to be able to counsel married people. to have known women sexually to know the joy and passion of. I’m one weird cookie, after sex I’m always sad and I’m a guy why aren’t i sexually driven like every other guy on the planet. i sense that sex for me will be meaningless until I’ve found the right one i guess. this is weird but you did say nothing was off for you. why are the teachings of god in opposition to nature of man. for example its pretty much natural for man to be unfaithful but its a big no no. a person is not to indulge itself love to pleasure oneself because the loss of ones essence.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

And so what makes you think that I didn’t experience the human condition? Anyone open to reincarnation should realize that the embodiment in which I became known as Jesus Christ was not my first embodiment on planet earth.

I can assure you that in previous lifetimes I had experienced almost every aspect of the human condition. In fact, this is one of the reasons I was chosen to be the spiritual teacher for the Piscean age.

Even in my last embodiment, I was not born with a full awareness of my Christhood or my mission, as explained elsewhere. It is only the idolatry perpetuated by orthodox Christianity that makes so many people believe that I must have been this perfect human being and therefore different from themselves. One of the main goals of my mission was to demonstrate that a person who was born in humble circumstances, even a child born out of wedlock as Mother Mary recently revealed, could indeed rise to become the fullness of the Living Christ. I aimed to demonstrate this precisely by going through a period of experimentation and mistakes during my teenage years as most human beings do. Therefore, other people should take hope that they too can manifest Christhood.

Many people are not sexually driven because in past lives they have transcended the need to use sex for the mere gratification of the body and the senses. They are therefore longing for the deeper union that can be experienced only when you meet a lifestream with whom you can have a deeper spiritual relationship that is not driven by physical attraction. However, even this longing is a longing for the true spiritual union between your lifestream and your Christ self.

You might focus on attaining this spiritual union and see it as a potential way to attract the right outer partner. After all, the law of God states that the universe will mirror back to you what is in your consciousness. So to attract the right partner in life, you must attain the state of consciousness of the person you wish to attract. You must become in consciousness what you want to see manifest in your outer life.

The teachings of God, are not in opposition to your true nature, meaning the spiritual being that you truly are. The teachings of God, whether they be related to sex or any other topic, are always in opposition to the dualistic mind. So as long as you are trapped by the dualistic mind, you will think that the teachings of God are in opposition to your nature because you identify yourself with the dualistic mind. Yet when you begin to overcome that false sense of identity, you will realize that the teachings of God are not in opposition to your true spiritual nature.

As explained elsewhere, you only have so much energy available. So you must decide whether to use it for sexual pleasure or spiritual growth.


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