Some channelers say we don’t need protection

Question: Master Jesus: I follow the Kryon channeling since the beginning of the convergence. For some time now Kryon says as light workers we do not need to surround ourselves with light for protection; we are light. That was the way of the old energy; we are now in the new energy and we are light. I have been using AAMichael’s protection and giving it to all my other light workers. I need some clarification on this.

Answer from Jesus:

Whether you follow this or that teaching, it is always prudent to use your intuition and common sense to evaluate all statements made. In the Bible you find the statement that God started the creative process by making the fiat, “Let there be light!” As I explain throughout this website, everything in the world of form is made from God’s light. You have always been light, meaning that even in the so-called “old energy” you were still made of light. So if you needed spiritual protection then, why would you suddenly no longer need it?

The important distinction here is not whether you are made of light but whether any of the light that makes up your four lower bodies vibrates within the spectrum of frequencies currently found in the four lower bodies of planet earth. As we explain elsewhere, this planet is currently polluted by many imperfect energies. If you doubt this, just look at the news. Therefore, as long as you are in a physical body, you will inevitably be exposed to these energies on a constant basis. The question is what happens to these energies as they enter your energy field?

If you have any lower energies in your four bodies, the energies that are directed at you will resonate with the energy in your energy field. The incoming energy will reinforce whatever negative energies are already in your field because like attracts like. So as long as you have any imperfect energies in your field, you will need to invoke spiritual protection.

It is possible to go through the spiritual initiation called the transfiguration. As you do so, your physical body will be purified of all imperfect substances and genetic defects. Your emotional body will be purified of all imperfect desires or attachments. Your mental body will be purified of all imperfect thoughts and beliefs. Your identity body will be purified of all imperfect sense of identity and all imperfect memories. When that happens, there are no longer any imperfect energies in your four lower bodies. You then live up to the statement that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you. In other words, when you are exposed to the imperfect energies of the world, there will be nothing in your energy field that resonates with those energies. In a sense you have now become transparent to the energies of the world and they pass right through you. This transparency is the ultimate form of spiritual defense.

Yet I can assure you that very few people on this planet have passed through the initiation of the transfiguration. Therefore, it is prudent for all spiritual seekers to invoke protection, and this will be the case for the foreseeable future. Obviously, I hope that the Earth will eventually become so pure that it will be unnecessary to invoke spiritual protection. But I can tell you that this is not likely to happen for the foreseeable future.

It is correct that certain events signal or initiate a new spiritual cycle that affects all people on planet Earth. Nevertheless, there are no such events that will affect all people equally. For example, we have now entered the Aquarian Age, which makes it easier for people to communicate with the spiritual realm. Yet this does not guarantee that all people, not even all light workers, can automatically attain this communion. It is up to each individual to open up and maintain a pure line of communication. In the current situation on planet Earth, there is so much imperfect energy that it requires diligent spiritual protection in order to obtain accurate communion with the Ascended Host. If you do not invoke such spiritual protection, it is highly likely that you will communicate only with beings in lower realms.

Let me make a recommendation. Don’t listen to what I say. Don’t listen to what Kryon, or any other channeled message, says. Instead, give it a try and listen to what your Christ self tells you. Decide to sincerely invoke spiritual protection for a period of time. I would recommend that serious light workers give Archangel Michael’s Rosary every day for 33 days. A sensitive person will feel some effect from the very beginning. Yet after a 33-day period, you should be able to tell whether invoking spiritual protection has had a positive effect. If so, why not continue to invoke protection?

I think most people would clearly feel a positive effect after 33 days, although for some people it might take weeks or even months to experience a major breakthrough from invoking spiritual protection. So give it a try and see what difference it makes in your life.

Let me also mention that both Archangel Michael’s Rosary and Mother Mary’s invocations are not designed only for your own benefit. They have a major effect on the planet as a whole, including for your fellow light workers. In other words, even if you don’t think you need spiritual protection, there is still good reason to use the rosaries and decrees to invoke spiritual protection and purification for other people and for the planet as a whole.

By the way,  Kryon is not a member of the Ascended Host but resides in the mental realm.


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