Shamanic rituals and the growth of the nation

Question: Many Estonian people participate in secret plants ceremonies and other shamanic rituals.  How does it affect our national psyche and spirituality?  Some of us have seen the dangers of it and give it up but how does it affect our bodies and nerve systems and can they be damaged badly that we cannot fulfil our divine plans full potential?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

My beloved we have spoken before about these various plants or other kinds of drugs that are said to have other spiritual affects and what I will focus on here is your direct questions.  There are some more severe drugs that can damage your nervous system to the point where it becomes very difficult for you to tune into your I AM Presence or to be the open door for the I AM Presence because your physical nervous system has been damaged.  But these are what you call the more hard core drugs that lead to addiction.

Ayahuasca will not damage this to the point where you cannot fulfil your divine plan.  But this is not to be interpreted as I in anyway say “oh you can do it anyway because it doesn’t have a negative effect”.   It does have various negative effects on you individually because when you use a chemical to stimulate the brain and nervous system this is actually contrary to the process of spiritual awakening.  Because spiritual awakening is by its nature that you stop identifying yourself with your four lower bodies and start shifting your sense of identity to something beyond the material world, the four levels of the material world.

And so regardless of what experiences you have as a result of this, these experiences are actually in most cases produced by your nervous system – your brain.  There are chemical processes in the brain that give you various sensations and experiences that you may feel are very spiritual and mystical but it is still a product of the brain and this doesn’t help you break your identification with it.

Now, there are always exceptions where there are certain people who have reached a level of spiritual development where when they take a certain drug, they can switch out of their normal state of awareness and have a more genuine spiritual experience.  And these are the kind of people who will generally sense that they can leave behind these chemicals and pursue the spiritual growth in other ways.  And that means that, as one American author said “that the drugs just serve to give you a certain message that there are other states of awareness and that there are better ways to achieve them than using a chemical substance”.  The wording that was used was “when you get the message hang up the phone”.

And so what we are doing here, what I am doing here is a delicate balance.  I know that many, many spiritual people have used various kinds of drugs and I am in no way wanting you to feel that you have suddenly aborted your divine plan or that you have no chance of reaching higher levels of consciousness or making your ascension in this lifetime because you at a previous time used some kind of chemical substance.

On the other hand I am in no way, shape or form encouraging spiritual people to use any kind of chemical to get a so called ‘spiritual’ or ‘unusual’ experience.  If you “let us put it this was” are open to what I am saying and that I am an Ascended Master speaking this, then you are beyond the level that you need a chemical substance.  It will be much better for your growth that you pursue spiritual growth in other ways.  And that you are not so focused on having these spiritual experiences because they are not actually that important for your spiritual growth.

It is a misunderstanding by many spiritual people that having a peak experience for example is a sign that you are spiritually advanced.  As we have actually said before, the more you raise your consciousness the less of a contrast or distance will there be between your normal everyday consciousness and for example what we can call the Christ consciousness.

So this means that you will not get a ‘peak’ experience because there is no contrast.  You only have a peak when you have a valley.  You only have it when there’s a relative experience between a high and a low.  And so as you go higher in Christhood you have less and less of a distance and therefore there’s no highs or lows in your consciousness.

What many people are calling enlightenment, if they experienced enlightenment they would actually be very disappointed because it is not this dramatic shift in consciousness.  Enlightenment is a non-dualistic state of consciousness and in a non-dualistic consciousness where is the contrast?  Where is the high and the low, the good and the bad?  It isn’t there.  And so there are many spiritual people who would be hugely disappointed if they suddenly experienced enlightenment and they would say “Oh! this can’t be it – this can’t be real enlightenment”.

And so the question you can ask yourself is when does there come the point where using these chemicals is actually holding back your spiritual growth because you are ready to move to a higher level?  And if you ask about the Estonian national consciousness – the more of the spiritual people who are using these drugs and become addicted to them the more it is holding back the growth of the collective consciousness.  Now I know very well and that is why I am using the word that many of the people who use Ayahuasca will say it is not addictive, we are not becoming addicted to the plant.  Well my beloved let’s not, let’s not play this word game, because if you are not addicted to the chemical you can still become addicted to the experience that it gives you. This is not a physical addiction in the sense of a heroin addict who has physical symptoms if it doesn’t get the drug.  But it can still be an emotional, even a mental even to some degree at the identity level an addiction where you need to have that experience or at least think you need it.

And so it is very true that there are many in Estonia and elsewhere who have been pulled into thinking that this their way to pursue spiritual growth and if they would give up the chemicals and find other ways, they could make much faster progress and therefore have a greater impact on their nation.

So it is certainly true in a small country like Estonia that there is only a certain percentage of people who have the spiritual development to raise the collective consciousness and if too many of them are addicted to the experience they get, then it is holding back the growth of the nation.  And the same can be said in many other nations but again you know in a small nation like Estonia a few people make a greater difference.


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