Sex and transfer of energetic patterns between people

Question: Can cancer be transferred from person to person through sexual intercourse, as a certain program in higher bodies, in a latent state that becomes manifest when certain conditions are fulfilled?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, my beloved, I’m reluctant to answer the question because I don’t want you to go around fearing things. You know, or perhaps you don’t realize, that when bacteria were discovered, many, many people went through a period that lasted almost a generation of being incredibly afraid of bacteria. Because this was some hidden danger that they couldn’t see. And before they knew about it, they couldn’t really fear it, even though they observed that people got sick. But after they knew that there these small little things that could invade their bodies and kill them, there was a tremendous fear of this. And some people still have it. Some people have it to a degree, where they can’t even function in their daily lives.

In a sense, you could say that, whether it’s through sexual intercourse, or some other close relationship, there can be a certain transfer of certain energetic patterns or matrices from the emotional, mental and identity bodies between people. But as a spiritual student, this is not something you need to worry too much about if you are using spiritual protection, if you are walking the path of seeking to overcome your selves. Because you cannot take something in from another person, unless there is something in you that makes you accept it.

You could look at yourself and look at how do you feel about your relationship with other people. What you are supposed to do. If you have a strong sense that you always need to feel sympathy or empathy with others and always be so sensitive to other people, then you know you’re more likely to take in something. It might not be cancer, it can be an emotional pattern, or you can take on their burdens or their energies. And this, of course, is not what you are meant to do on the spiritual path.

You have to recognize here that why are you a spiritual student? Because you are more sensitive than the average person. You are sensitive to the spiritual energies. But you can’t be sensitive to the higher energies without also having a certain sensitivity to lower energies. And you need to come to a point where you realize and decide that you have a right to live on this planet, without taking on other people’s energy.

And therefore you need to be very discerning about your sensitivity, so that you do not allow your sensitivity to become an opening whereby other people can, so to speak, dump their negative energy on you. And so the answer is, yes. Does it happen often? No, it doesn’t. And therefore, if you take certain precautions, then you don’t need to worry about it. In other words, I don’t want to create some kind of phobia in spiritual students, where they are now going around being afraid of taking on something from other people.


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