Seeing ascended masters in a physical form

Question: The book “My Lives” describes the scene where Jesus, Buddha, and Maitreya and the protagonist raise their consciousness enough to see Sanat Kumara in physical form and receive teachings directly from him. Can we do the same right now at this conference with a master? If not, why not? Could it be that our collective level of consciousness is not high enough? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, the scene described is not necessarily that you see the master in a physical form. There are many of these visions that people have had throughout the ages of having seen masters or angels or other spiritual beings. It’s not necessarily that you see a physical form, but that your consciousness is raised so you can see beyond the physical and therefore, for example, see the etheric form of a master. This is something you can always strive for individually or as a group.

We are not really in an age where we encourage these outer physical manifestations or spectacles because we would like people to go beyond needing that kind of physical phenomenon, you might say, and being able to tune into us in a different way. There are certainly people who, over the years, both in this and previous dispensations have seen either vibration of light around the messenger during a dictation or have even seen the presence of the master over the messenger during the dictation and it is something you can strive for on an individual level.

On a collective level, it’s not something to strive for, and it’s more important to strive for that Christ Consciousness where you tune into the presence without it having to be in a form that can be recognized by the senses. You can realize that right now, I am manifesting a Presence of myself in the identity realm in the identity octave. But that Presence does not have a recognizable physical form. You cannot go out in the world and find a picture of Mother Mary, and I will look like that picture. It’s a Presence that’s beyond these physical forms, and so, that is the same when we give a dictation we are manifesting a Presence that doesn’t have that specific physical form.

It’s more important for you to tune into the Presence than having to see it through, that vehicle of the physical senses and what images they can deal with. Or even seeing it through the outer mind and the images that have been programmed into either your individual mind or the collective mind over generations where people want to see Jesus a certain way, Mother Mary a certain way. It becomes a limitation to their ability to tune into us because if people are very attached to a distinct form, we cannot manifest to these people because it would make them even more trapped.


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