Science is currently being held in blind alley by materialism

Question: This question is about the development of new science. Since Einstein published the theory of relativity in 1905, an entirely new science called quantum mechanics developed. In 2015, more than 100 years later US scientists detected the gravitational wave from the Big Bang. And this April 2019, a theoretical black hole was actually photographed indirectly. Thus, they say Einstein’s theory of relativity is now fully scientifically proved. In 2016, a Japanese biologist won the Nobel biomedical prize because he discovered that human body cells were not always necessarily destroyed by death. But in some cases, they were able to dismantle themselves and be reborn as new cells by a mysterious process called autophagy. How complete are the scientific proofs of those theories? And how quickly can they contribute to the growth of human consciousness and the development of new technology for the future?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Well, my beloved, there was also a time a little over a century ago, where scientists looked at Newtonian science and believed it was fully scientifically proven and validated. And that all that remained to be discovered was moving a few decimal places, but that all the major discoveries that could be made had already been made. And then, of course comes Einstein and says: “not so fast boys, there’s a lot more to be discovered.” And we can say the same thing today, there is still a lot more to be discovered. There is, to use the words of Hamlet,: “There is more between science and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy”.

My beloved, Einstein’s theory is an important step forward. Quantum physics is an important step forward. But science is currently in a blind alley. And it is being held in that blind alley by materialism. By so many people who are involved with science, not necessarily scientists, but so many people who have a political agenda are promoting a materialistic view of life. As we have talked about before and as this messenger has written about, quantum physics has basically proven that at the deepest level of what you call physical matter, there is a level of consciousness. There is an interaction between the consciousness of the scientist making an observation and a subatomic, what they call, a particle. But which of course isn’t a particle, as has been proven by quantum physics.

So, scientists are now in a blind alley, because they are striving for a theory of everything. But they are thinking that this complete theory will be entirely materialistic. In other words, they can explain everything based on material phenomena. And this is what simply cannot be done. It is an impossibility. It is a complete blind alley and it has held science back from making the discoveries that could long ago have provided important breakthroughs that would have brought science and humanity forward. And so, there will not be a theory of everything until that theory encompasses consciousness. This can be proven by simple logic. What is it that enables scientists to do science? What is it that enables them to search for a theory of everything? Well, it is that they are conscious. So, is it not logical that a theory of everything must include consciousness or it cannot be a theory of everything?

And so, there are many, many important breakthroughs that are waiting to happen, that we are willing to release to scientists who are open to them. But there are also many breakthroughs that have already been made, many discoveries that have already been made, but because they did not fit into the materialistic paradigm, they have been either ignored or even more actively suppressed. And so, if you feel that this is an important topic for you, you can certainly make the calls on this. You can create your own invocation or you can use the decrees and the existing invocations to make calls for basically the judgment of Christ upon the materialists and the demons and the entities and the fallen beings behind materialism for the shattering of the entire matrix of materialism that is truly a creation of the fallen beings.


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