Scenarios for the war in Ukraine 

Question: Could the ascended masters comment on the most favorable scenario from their point of view for the end of the war in Ukraine. Considering that the Russian political leadership does not intend to liberate the occupied Ukrainian territories and withdraw Russian troops from them, and wants to impose reconciliation on Ukraine from these positions. Significantly reducing the territory of Ukraine, some Western leaders and countries also tend to this point of view, thereby weakening Ukraine’s position.

From the point of view of the ascended masters, what is the best course of action to take by the leadership of Ukraine?  To make territorial concessions for the sake of saving people’s lives on both sides, but at the same time, sacrificing the freedom and independence of its citizens, who find themselves in the occupied territories that might more likely cause in the future, a new conflict or a new outbreak of conflict? Or to continue military operations, liberating their territories and trying to inflict such a serious defeat on Russia, which will be a lesson for her and a kind of vaccination against any future attempts to interfere with the affairs of other states. But this would cause sacrificing a large number of people’s lives. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, my beloved, let me first assure you that the war in Ukraine was of course, not part of my plan for manifesting the golden age, neither for Russia nor for Ukraine. Essentially, this means that there is nothing about this situation that is ideal. And unfortunately, what the fallen beings often do when they go in and create war and conflict, they create a situation where there is no ideal outcome.

You will see if you look at Putin, and his actions in Syria, Chechnya, and in Russia itself, that his mind is taken over by some of these fallen beings in the astral realm, who only want to destroy, who only wants to create chaos. I am not saying there are not other fallen beings in the mental and identity realms that are working with Putin. But he is often being used to create these kinds of situations where there is no ideal outcome, in the sense that it does not move the situation closer to transcending human conflict, human struggles.

He is clearly being used to set up a situation where the Russian people will never be satisfied by anything less than the complete surrender and takeover of Ukraine. And as we have said before, other territories beyond Ukraine. This has nothing to do with the interests of the Russian people. It is simply driven by these fallen beings who want to create chaos.

Now, that being said, I do not want to say that this is entirely because of Putin. Because there are also many among the Russian people who have such a low level of humanity, that they are also easily having their minds taken over so they can be used as tools for the dark forces who only want to create chaos.

As an example of this, take the people in eastern Ukraine in the so called ‘Breakaway Regions’, who have since 2014, fought against Ukraine, basically being puppets of Russia. These people claim that either they are Russians, or they would rather be under Russia. But their minds are simply taken over to the point where they do not clearly see what is in their own best interest. You see here that, as you describe, whichever of the scenarios that the Ukrainian leadership chooses, there will be a significant conflict in the Ukrainian people. There really is no ideal outcome of the situation.

Now, what I will say is that the two options that you present here are certainly not the only ones. Or at least they are not as clear cut. It is not a matter of ‘either-or’, there is not just one thing that the Ukrainian leaders should do. They need to make a very careful, gradual evaluation of what is best for Ukraine as a nation, and thereby also what is best for the Ukrainian people.

Now, my beloved, there are some people both in the West, in Ukraine, and in Russia, who will say that what if the Ukrainian nation had not resisted? What if they had simply let Russia move in and take over? Would not that have been better for the Ukrainian people? Would not there have been less soldiers killed? Less civilians killed, less cities and buildings destroyed?

Well, the answer to that is not a clear cut yes, and no. Because what the Russians had planned was not simply a liberation action. They knew there would be some resistance from the Ukrainian people. They could not foresee how much, but they knew it would be necessary. And you can even find this on the internet, how they published their intentions of how they would systematically take over Ukraine, destroy people’s national identity, by among other things, deporting millions of people to concentration camps, basically, in Russia. They were planning to kill a large number of civilians, as you can see clearly happened in some of the occupied territories north of Kyiv.

And I can assure you, in all occupied territories, all territories occupied by Russia, there is systematic killing of civilians who are considered a danger. There is systematic torture of people whom they think have information, there is systematic rape of women. And this is done not just for some military purpose, it is done as a modern version of Stalin’s red terror, where nobody can feel safe from this torture, rape and murder. It is simply a recreation of Stalin’s red terror. This would still have taken place if the Ukrainians had surrendered. Still, we can say that, if the Ukrainians had not resisted, there would have been fewer soldiers killed at this point. But there would have been far more civilians killed and deported.

If you look at it in the long term, then the Ukrainian national identity would eventually have been destroyed. And millions of people would have been killed, tortured, or deported. You are not talking about something here that is a gentle takeover of a nation. This is what Russia had planned, extremely brutal. You may say that it is also brutal, what is going on right now. And that is true. And it just shows you one thing, the lack of humanity of Russia, the Russian nation, the Russian leaders, the Russian soldiers, and many among the Russian people. What they lack in humanity, they make up for in brutality, as you might say. And that is the sad fact about Russia today.

I will not sit here and tell the Ukrainian leaders what they should do. But it is clear that if there was an ideal outcome of the war, if there was an ideal outcome, it would, from my perspective, be what caused the greatest growth of both the Russian and the Ukrainian people. Let us start with Ukraine.

The best possible outcome would be a strengthening of the Ukrainian national identity and a unification of the Ukrainian people, whether they are Russian speaking or Ukrainian speaking. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has had a sort of schizophrenic national identity because so many people have been Russian leaning, and have felt a certain loyalty towards Russia. And this means there has not been that strong national identity, there has not been a unified national identity. The ideal outcome was that this would be strengthened, there would be a clear national Ukrainian identity. There would be a clear national identity as a country that wants to be a modern democracy, overcome corruption, and move towards membership of the EU. There would be a clear unification among a vast majority of the Ukrainian people.

Now, it is possible that this could not be achieved in the Donetsk region, because there are too many Russian speaking people. And those who are not Russian leaning have either been deported to Russia, or they have fled to Western Ukraine. It is possible that it cannot be done there. But then it can certainly be done in the rest of Ukraine. This is a possibility, as we have said before, ideally you could have had a public referendum in these regions. And if a majority wanted to join Russia, they could have been allowed to do so. But this, of course, will be impossible. I know very well that Russia is planning to hold such a thing. But it will be a sham, because the people who are Ukrainian leaning, have either fled or been forcefully moved to Russia, or they have been tortured and killed, to the point where they do not even want to vote. This could never be a free democratic referendum.

Now let us turn to Russia. What is the best possible outcome for Russia? Well, it is the one that creates the biggest growth for the Russian people and the Russian nation. And I can tell you that as was the case with the German people during the Second World War, the Russian people are very, very trapped in their present mindset. And what happened with the German people was that they were only forced out of their mindset, by the total defeat in the war, and the exposure of the inhumanity and brutality of the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, the outcome that would create the biggest growth, or the biggest potential for growth for the Russian people, would be a total military defeat in Ukraine, and the exposure for all the world and even for the Russian people of the brutality and inhumanity of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. This would have a chance to awaken a significant amount of the Russian people to set Russia on a new course, where the people would say: “We have to change. We cannot go on with this inhumanity and brutality. We must come up higher.”

This, of course, would in practical terms, most likely require the downfall of the Putin regime so that there is a free press and independent media who can expose what is actually happening. It could start happening by the people themselves, educating themselves, talking amongst themselves, which of course, state censorship, and suppression cannot stop. One of the biggest movements that could facilitate this shift is actually Russian mothers who have or have had their sons as soldiers in Ukraine, and who know they have been lied to systematically by the government, either because they have been told their sons were not in Ukraine when they were or that they are not dead. They are not wounded. They are simply not accounted for, they are missing.

As more and more Russian mothers begin to realize that either their sons are killed in a senseless war, they are wounded and crippled for life, or they come home and they are not physically wounded, but they are psychologically crippled for life, then this could potentially create such a movement, that even Putin could not ignore it, and therefore, the equation would begin to shift.

There is always the possibility as we have said before, that Putin could go out of embodiment, either because of a shift in the Russian people or because of a worldwide shift, where enough people in the world say: “Enough of Putin’s brutality and inhumanity. Enough of it threatening the world order that we have enjoyed of peace and prosperity now for so many years.”

What can the Ukrainian leadership do? Well, they can, as I say, first of all, evaluate, is it possible to defeat Russia militarily? If it is possible, what would be the price in terms of lost lives? Are we willing to pay that price? If they determined that either it is not possible, or it would be too costly, then what is the other scenario? Is it to allow them to have the Donetsk region or even more, as they have taken parts of southeastern Ukraine? What is feasible, what is practical? Now, this is not something that I would want to tell the Ukrainian leaders what to do, this is something they need to decide. And they cannot decide it right now, there needs to be more time that passes until a certain direction becomes clear. And a certain scenario seems to be the most feasible one.


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