Scapegoating as a major force in American politics

TOPICS: Some people hate that America has a black president – holding on to rugged individualism or admitting that no man is an island – when change is coming, some desperately hold on to the old – thinking that America needs to fight somebody – appointing a scapegoat – betraying the Spirit behind the founding fathers – the real problem is the power elite – no lone gunman – conspiracy theories also scapegoating – in reality everything is an expression of the collective consciousness – unfathomable hypocrisy of the Tea Party – true individualism only through Christhood – many people would commit violence, yet only a few act out the will of the many – a new generation of politicians who see beyond party politics – systemic problems created by seeking to force universe into a political system – the age of the superpowers is over – cooperation is the new superior power – scapegoating will create more violence –

Question: I have a question about the shooting of American congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I mean, this is kind of eerie. I was reading Gautama Buddha’s last dictation in which he says:

You will also, however, see that there will be the need to question many of the institutions of society that have not been questioned, including whether democracy is truly functioning at its highest potential. Or whether there is a need to take it to a higher level, rather than thinking that the western democracies have achieved some level that cannot be transcended. This will especially be a challenge for the nation of the United States, which sees itself as the birthplace of modern democracy and thinks it is still the most advanced form of democracy in the world. An illusion that will be – and that needs to be – questioned in this coming year and the years to come. For indeed, America has falling far behind the original vision of the founding fathers and especially the vision of Saint Germain—who of course has not stood still since the founding of America and thus has an even greater vision today than what he could impart to the founding fathers back then.

And then just days later we had this horrific shooting, and it seems kind of prophetic, because it has caused at least some people in America to question the tone of the political debate and whether its harshness encourage this kind of extremism. So did the Masters know ahead of time what would happen mere days later? I also noticed that Saint Germain said the Tea party is not in tune with his Freedom Flame, and indeed Sarah Palin has gotten some flack for her part in making the political debate so harsh. Of course, both the party and Palin have denied this, and here is what Palin said today:

“Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own. They begin and end with the criminals who commit them, not collectively with all the citizens of a state, not with those who listen to talk radio, not with maps of swing districts used by both sides of the aisle, not with law-abiding citizens who respectfully exercise their First Amendment rights at campaign rallies, not with those who proudly voted in the last election,”

So I guess my question is whether Saint Germain has any comments on this event and the influence it might have on the debate about the future of America and American democracy? And I would also like his thoughts on Sarah Palin and her potential to become president and also Gabrielle Giffords and what she represents.

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels: (January 12, 2011)

We obviously can predict what is likely to happen, although it is often difficult to predict when a particular individual will actually do what his mind has been contemplating. So it has for some time been obvious that the harsh and even hateful political rhetoric that started with the election of Barack Obama would at some point produce acts of violence. The simple fact is that racism is still alive and kicking in the United States, and there are truly people who absolutely hate the fact that America has a black president.

Yet since even they are aware that it is political suicide to say this openly, they have instead resorted to criticizing and working against everything President Obama does and everything the Democratic party stands for. These people will do just about anything to get Obama out of office as soon as possible, and they would truly rejoice – in the secrecy of their minds and closed-door meetings – if someone managed to assassinate the President. And then they would be the first to publicly portray it as the act of a crazed, lone gunman.

So this leads us to the statement by Sarah Palin: “Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own. They begin and end with the criminals who commit them, not collectively with all the citizens of a state,” This remark truly shows what is the essential problem that the American people are facing right now. Will America continue to hold on to the “American dream” of rugged individualism, or will America acknowledge – as most of the rest of the world has already done – that as no man is an island, so no nation is an island?

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in general (with some exceptions) stand for just about everything that needs to be transcended, if American politics is to be a chalice for golden age ideas. What is happening is simply this: The winds of change are blowing through America. As always, when change is becoming visible and when people sense the inevitability of change, there are those who will seek to desperately hold on to the old.

And so, they come up with a clearly dualistic view of life and formulate a political party, and then they think they are very clever and very righteous by portraying this dualistic view as true American patriotism and as carrying the spirit of the Founding Fathers—for after all, the Founding Fathers fought against the British. And so, these people think that America today also needs to fight somebody.

Thus, these people do what such people have always done. They appoint one or several minority groups as the scapegoats, and then they make the subtle claim that all of America’s problems are caused by these minority groups. So if only the citizen’s of this free nation use the freedoms given to them by the Founding Fathers in order to restrict the freedom of the scapegoats, then all of their problems will vanish.

Yet the freedoms that the Founding Fathers were inspired to write into the constitution were based on the principle that might is not right and that ALL people have rights that no other group of people should take away or violate. So while blatantly claiming to be true American patriots – and in most cases sincerely believing this – they are actually betraying the very Spirit behind the Founding Fathers, namely myself.

And, of course, unknowingly, they are simply playing right into the hands of the power elite, for obviously the real cause of problems in America is NOT democrats, black people, illegal aliens or liberals. The real cause is a combination of the power elite and the collective consciousness, where the power elite embodies and takes advantage of the imbalances that are flowing through the collective consciousness.

So the theory of the “lone gunman” needs to be put to rest as the power elite smokescreen that it is. Neither JFK, nor Martin Luther King nor Gabrielle Giffords were killed by lone gunmen. I am not hereby confirming any conspiracy theories—I am going where no conspiracy theories dare to go. For the conspiracy theories are also based on a dualistic world view, namely that we can isolate this small secret group who is the real cause of our problems. Yet the reality is that there are power elite groups and there are conspiracies, but they can exist only because there are so many things in the collective consciousness for which the majority of the people will not take responsibility.

The real cause of the assassinations of the Kennedys and King were the exact same kind of dualistic tensions that you see magnified by the Tea Party today. And it was precisely these kind of tensions that caused the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and will likely cause other such acts of violence in the next couple of years. The simple fact is that when there is an increase of scapegoating, there is created a strong current in the collective consciousness. This creates a drive to blame the scapegoat and the sense that it is justifiable to use certain means to “neutralize” the scapegoat.

Just look at the fact that both Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee have publicly called for Julian Assange to be executed or dealt with as a terrorist. To have politicians in the United States of America make such statements – and then still be in politics the day after – would make the Founding Fathers rotate in their graves—if they were still in their graves. It is simply a betrayal of everything the Constitution stands for, and it is an almost unfathomable hypocrisy to see this play out in public with hardly anyone lifting an eyebrow.

And the very fact that there was so little outcry shows exactly why the Tea Party has won support, and why there is such a strong undercurrent in the collective consciousness that it can indeed overpower certain individuals with weak minds.

So let us briefly talk about individualism. True individualism comes only when you attain a certain degree of Christhood. This allows you to rise above the currents in the mass consciousness, but it also raises you above the need for scapegoating. People who do not have personal Christhood can still seem like strong individuals, but their individualism is the selfishness of the ego. Such people resist the collective consciousness out of pure selfishness.

Yet then there are people who do not have a strong individualism but whose minds have become open to the mass consciousness due to an unwillingness to take responsibility. These are the people who are especially open to scapegoating—for it allows them to project responsibility away from themselves. There are many people in the general population who fall into this category, and they all have a responsibility for creating the current in the collective consciousness. Most of these people would – often without admitting it consciously – like to commit acts of violence against the scapegoats, but they still have enough fear to restrain themselves.

There are, however, individuals whose minds have become so unbalanced that they do not have such restraints. So they become the flash-points for acting out what many would like to do, but do not dare to do. Thus, the myth of the individual gunman was created by the power elite to deflect responsibility away from themselves, and their conspiratorial acts to control society by eliminating those who threaten to overturn status quo. And it is believed by the public because they also do not want to take responsibility for themselves. So it is very convenient to place all responsibility on “the criminals who commit them” and say that acts of violence stand on their own.

To hear a person who might be running for president of the United States make such statements is truly a burden to my heart—especially when I see the people either accept or ignore it. Do you really think a person who is so eager to project responsibility away from herself and her part in making the political rhetoric so hateful, is fit to hold the “most powerful political office?” If she ever was elected – which I consider highly unlikely, given that there are many intelligent people in the Republican Party – you can be sure America would become embroiled in even more wars under the guise of eliminating some scapegoat or other.

Now for Gabrielle Giffords, who represents almost the polar opposite of Sarah Palin. Although she was elected as a democrat, she clearly holds many views that are traditionally held by republicans. Yet she is widely seen as a centrist, as are many other relatively young people running on both a republican or democratic platform. And it is precisely such people that have the potential to take America closer to the Golden Age, because they are at least beginning to open their minds to an inescapable reality of the new millennium: the era of party politics is over.

America and the world are facing such serious problems, that people no longer have the luxury of defining “solutions” based on a predefined party platform. It simply should not matter whether a problem is viewed through democratic or republican glasses. All that should matter is this:

  • What are our universal core values, the very principles of rights upon which democracy is founded?
  • What is right for the majority of the people and in the long term?
  • What will actually work?

Only people with this mindset will be able to serve as the instruments for guiding America and the world through the coming decade—for only they will be open to receiving solutions from the Holy Spirit, solutions that cannot be defining based on a particular thought system or political ideology. For it is precisely the attempts to force the universe to fit into a particular mental box that has created the “systemic” problems that are beginning to be acknowledged. And thus, the very mindset and approach that created the problems will not be able to bring forth viable, long-term solutions to those problems. And only people whose minds are not trapped in the traditional mental boxes can be the open doors for the new ideas that will bring society out of the current crisis.

As a final note on America, one of the major shifts that needs to happen in the collective psyche of the American people is the recognition of a very simple fact. When the Berlin wall came down, most Americans believed that America, democracy and capitalism had won, or even that freedom had won over tyranny. Most people – even most outside the United States – also thought that the world would transition from a phase dominated by two superpowers into a new phase with only one – benevolent – superpower.

Yet the stark reality is that when the wall came down, a new era dawned, an era in which there will be no superpowers. For in this age, no nation will be powerful enough to dominate the world. Only those nations who can cooperate – and thus demonstrate they do not want to dominate through force – will be ultimately successful in forming alliances that will lead the world. Neither the United States, nor China – with all its misguided ambitions from a dead era – will dominate the world. Cooperation – based on a true spirit of oneness rather than the dualistic mindset – will be the new “ruler” of the world.

If America does not embrace this, then it will become even more isolated in the world than has been the case since George Bush made the monumental mistake to invade Iraq. And then America will indeed experience such severe financial chaos that it will abort its ability to wage the wars that those looking for a scapegoat – as well as the power elite looking for profit – would like to see happen.

Of course, America also needs to acknowledge the fact that the sense of embarrassment over the leaking of diplomatic cables is not constructive. The cables simply show the immaturity of America’s diplomats, which is again an expression of the collective consciousness that sees itself as isolated from and superior to other nations. Instead, America needs to see itself as a member of the family of nations and act as such. And Americans need to interact with people from other nations as equals, instead of insisting on the world becoming like America. For the original strength of America was indeed its openness to many different cultures and ideas, which is precisely what gave rise to the ingenuity and experimentation that made America an economic superpower.

So it is indeed no trivial matter whether the current situation causes America to do some sincere soul-searching or whether it is just a bump in the road, and it will soon be back to “politics as usual.” Of course, if the soul-searching does not happen now, there will simply be other incidents that will force America to realize, that unless scapegoating is removed from the national psyche, violence against politicians, minority groups or people in general will become even more common than it has been, now for so many years that one must wonder when the nation wakes up and calls out, “Houston, we have a problem!”


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