Saint George and the concept of saints in the Catholic Church

Question: Since the 3. century there appeared in the church the figure of St. George. His life looked like a legend, like a myth and his veneration or rather his worship spread all over the church. Christians ask for his protection and his intercession more than Jesus, Mother Mary or Archangel Michael. What is the truth behind the appearance of St. George’s life and the phenomenon of spreading his fame and veneration, especially in the Eastern Church? Also please comment on the veneration of the saints more than Jesus today. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018

We have given many teachings on the influence of the fallen beings in Christianity and I talked about this earlier that they want to put me up on the pedestal as being beyond the reach of the people and the effect of this has been that of course the people find it more difficult to relate to me because if I was the only Son of God and was God from the beginning and all of this stuff then I am as unreachable as the remote God in the sky that has been worshipped now for thousands of years. This created a gap in the church and the fallen beings were smart enough to realise this, so that is why they created the whole concept of saints that people can pray to.

Now if you look at it from a certain perspective you can say that the idea of the saints could be used to illustrate that other people could also have qualified for their ascension and could therefore have become ascended masters as a result of following the teachings of Christ but this is not how it is used in the Catholic Church. It is used to say that these people can do something for you and since they are closer to you than God and Jesus you can pray to them as intermediaries. This is largely an illusion because most of the saints – the vast majority of the saints revered by both the Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox – are not ascended masters, they do not have the power to answer people’s prayers.

I do have a certain power to answer people’s prayers but on the other hand I am not Santa Claus. I do not give you what you ask for if what you ask for will not help you grow. I am not a wish fulfilling ascended master as of course the Creator is not a wish fulfilling deity. This is a concept created by the fallen beings to really divert people’s attention. It would be constructive for them to pray to me but it would be more constructive for them to pray to help them see what they need to overcome in order to grow. But again, they cannot do that because, what did I say this morning? The Catholic Church has taken out the concept of a gradual path where you are in control of raising your consciousness.

Now there are many Christians who, because they cannot feel that I am as approachable, they can pray to Mother Mary. She is of course an ascended master and so again this is more constructive. St. George, well, he was just a saint like so many others. There is a certain symbolism in him slaying the dragon because it is a symbol for slaying the ego, the carnal mind, the not-self, the dweller on the threshold, whatever you want to call it. So you can say there is a symbolism in his life but that would not work if people prayed to him to do something for them but only if they look at that as an example of how they can slay the dragon in their own psyche.

Of course that concept has also been suppressed in the Catholic church. There is very little value in people praying to the saints. There is value in people praying to Mother Mary even though they also see her as a saint but she is of course far more than that. There are a few other saints who have ascended: Francis of Assisi (Kuthumi) and others but nevertheless, what is the value in general of people praying to a saint to give them this or that – even to give them protection? It would be more constructive to pray to Archangel Michael for protection but even more constructive to actually invoke the light of Archangel Michael as you have been taught to do.

So it is largely an attempt by the fallen beings where they know that everything that they do has an effect. They know that people have certain needs and desires, so they know that the moment they put me up on a pedestal the Church – based on this image of Christ – will find it difficult to meet people’s needs, certain needs and so they create this concept of saints so that it diverts people. They think there is somebody whom they can pray to but they are not praying to the one who might actually be able to help them, namely myself – another clever plot of the fallen beings, another diversionary tactic on their part.

Truly it would be constructive to let go of all of the saints and replace it with a concept that certain people can ascend. Of course, I realize that this cannot be done within the context of the Eastern Orthodox or the Catholic churches because their leaders are so out of touch with who I am that they would not be able to tune in and know who has truly ascended and become an ascended master. For them to do this they will have to recognise ascended masters and of course one of the major tactics of the fallen beings for a very, very long time has been to obliterate the knowledge of ascended masters – to prevent people from having the knowledge of the ascended masters. That is why you could say that the concept of the saints is really an attempt to give people something but something that actually hides the truth about ascended masters.


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