Russia – Ukraine relations

Question: Why does Russia for all its known history, especially recently the majority of Russian people, hate Ukraine so much and demonstrate an open hybrid aggression? Hybrid aggression war is conducted not only and not so much by guns and tanks as by the forces of political propaganda, terror, disinformation and economic pressure. Is it connected with karma or are there other reasons?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

It is first of all connected or comes from the fact that too many among the Russian people are still trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness. This is also why they cannot let go of the past or cannot let go of the need to be a great and powerful nation. When you are in the dualistic state of consciousness you have to have some kind of opponent or enemy. You have to imagine that you are fighting some kind of battle against someone.

You could say that obviously there is a history between Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, you could say there are also some karmic connections there but the real issue here is the dualistic state of consciousness. However, it also needs to be said that many among the Ukrainian people have also not freed themselves from the dualistic state of consciousness. That is why the nation is right now divided between the eastern part where there is, after all, more Russian sympathy and the western part that wants to have Ukraine become part of Western Europe.

You see that the dualistic state or the divided state in Ukraine becomes the open door for the dualistic consciousness of Russia to influence Ukraine. It isn’t just a one-way street in the sense that if there wasn’t the vulnerability in Ukraine then the Russian aggression wouldn’t really get a foothold.

The topic about a war being fought mainly though political propaganda, I would like to comment on because the greatest opposition to progress right now in Russia is actually the fact that the free press has been largely replaced by a centralized control press that is a vehicle for propaganda. What has happened is that the Russian people, instead of being enslaved by more physical means as was the case during the Soviet Union, are now to a greater degree entrapped by misinformation, disinformation and propaganda.

This is again the responsibility of the Russian people to educate themselves and to use the access to the internet that they have for example – to demand a more free press but they have not taken up that responsibility. As we have said, there is a growing awareness in the Russian people that this needs to change. Therefore again we look for a gradual evolutionary change to bring about a state where the Russian people will more and more look for alternative news beyond the government sponsored news.

The reason why wars are more and more fought this way is that the collective consciousness of the planet has moved forward. It is more difficult especially for some of the older more evolved nations that have a longer history to precipitate a physical war therefore war needs to be fought with information. Of course if you look at the world at large, you will see that there was a period where the internet was an openness for new information but it didn’t take very long before there were various forces around the world including forces in the so-called free world that started using the internet as a way to spread false information.


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