Revelation, Armageddon and apocalypse

Question: In the Bible, the Revelation of John, the Apocalypse, John said this is a revelation he got from Jesus. Did Jesus give this revelation to John and what is the meaning, especially does it have any meaning in our world today? What about the prophecies from the Bible, especially the word Armageddon or apocalypses.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

I will not say that I, as the ascended master, gave this revelation to John in the sense that I gave him a dictation as what you are hearing me speak directly right now. This was a more complex situation where certain impulses were given from the ascended level through me, but it was a much more complex process. The person who received this revelation (whose name incidentally was not John, but this was later ascribed to the name of John as some of the other gospels were not written by a person with the name of Mark or Luke), this person was not able to receive a direct dictation like what I am giving now.

There was a purpose for giving this text and there was a multitude of purposes; but one of them was to give a text that was so obviously mystical that it would confuse people’s minds and force them to think beyond the dogmas and doctrines that I foresaw would arise in the Christian movement. There was also, of course, the purpose of giving in a veiled form the entire teaching that we have now given in much more detail about the fallen beings, about that some people had fallen from a higher realm, that there is a force of the evil, and that there is a process whereby the earth is being freed of this.

The concept of Armageddon has validity as a symbol. There are various ways you can interpret this symbolism of the Book of Revelation and there are several ways that could be valid. Edgar Cayce has given a book where he interprets the symbolism of the Book of Revelation and it is not invalid; it is by no means the only way or the final way to interpret it.

I may at some point in a future give more teachings on it, but I have not done so because given that we can give our teachings in a much more direct way, I have not found it valuable to occupy the messenger’s time with this, partly because quite frankly, so few people in todays’ world read the Book of Revelation. The concept of Armageddon is really not something that will happen in one dramatic event where you can set a date and say: This was the change. It is an ongoing process and it has actually been ongoing since my embodiment and since my ascension because it has brought about the judgement of certain fallen beings who are gradually being taken from the earth.

I have talked about this at various other times including a dictation in Jerusalem some years ago. It is an ongoing process and really it is not in many cases (in fact in most cases), not something that takes place in the physical octave. It takes place in the three higher octaves because it is the fallen beings there.

You can only really grasp the Book of Revelation if you look at it as a symbol and if you do not take it literally. Now, I understand that there are many fundamentalist Christians who want to interpret it literally but the book is deliberately given in such a complex language that it is very difficult to take it literally. The reality of it is that it has gradually lost in significance as the consciousness has been raised because it was given for a certain level of consciousness that was more common at the time. Today, it would be much more valuable to study the teachings we have given directly than to try to decode the symbolism of the Book of Revelation.


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