Restless leg syndrome

Question: What is the spiritual cause behind restless leg syndrome?  It is characterized by an unpleasant sensation in the limbs, usually the legs that occur at rest, or before sleep and are relieved by activities such as stretching or moving of the legs.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

There isn’t as such a spiritual cause. It’s more of a physical cause. Where you throughout the day, do not stretch your muscles or move them enough, so If you have this syndrome, I recommend that you do some stretching exercises before you go to sleep. And if you still have it, then you do it while you’re lying in bed, there are exercises you can do and use it that way.

There are some people who can relieve the symptoms somewhat by changing the shoes they’re wearing during the day. Because there are various kinds of shoes, many modern shoes that are meant to be fashionable, that are not necessarily really very healthy to wear, especially for many hours as you might do during a workday.


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