Reptilian overlords of the power elite

TOPICS: Reptilian forms in the astral realm – from submission to turning power elite into scapegoats – awaken to take full responsibility – finding truth within yourself rather than seeking on conspiracy websites – you are not fighting the power elite – you are seeking to raise the collective consciousness –

Question: David Icke mentions very often reptilian overlords, that in fact they manipulate the power elite. I think that he is probably referring to these beings on the astral plane. I’d just like your comments on those as well, please.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is true that there are beings in the astral, in the emotional realm, that often take on animal forms, including reptilian forms. Yet, I really have no desire to go into this, because if you look at this website you will see that I try to bring forth a balanced teaching. And thus – even though the concept you are mentioning has some basis in reality, and the fact that some people have the ability to see what is going on in the emotional realm – it still is a concept that is so alien to many people that I do not find it constructive to spread it on the website.

We are very aware that it is necessary for people to come to a greater recognition of the power elite. But this does not need to be done in an unbalanced way, where people jump from the one extreme of total submission and ignorance to the opposite extreme of turning the power elite into scapegoats, building a hatred that causes them to think that if they kill the power elite, they will solve all their problems. For what we desire to see is that the people find a middle way, where they are awakened so that they take full responsibility for themselves and realize that it is their own state of consciousness that has precipitated the power elite and allowed the power elite to have power over them for so long.

This is why I do not desire to have the spiritual people indulge themselves in most of the conspiracy websites that are out there. For even though many of them have elements of truth, they are often presented in such an unbalanced way that it becomes non-constructive for the spiritual people to seek truth there, rather than seeking it elsewhere.

What we desire to see all spiritual people come to, is the point where they no longer need to seek truth outside themselves, for they can seek it within, first and foremost. So that the outer is not really a source of truth but merely a help for them to tune in to their own Christ Self and use the key of knowledge to know in their hearts, to experience the Spirit of truth that really is beyond any expression in words. And so really, I do not desire to see people use the AskRealJesus website as a crutch, thinking that they can only get truth from this website. But in reality, I am – over and over again – trying to help people find the truth within and experience the Spirit, for no expression in words can encapsulate the fullness of the Spirit.

You who are the spiritual people: do not become attached to or blinded by physical appearances. See beyond and realize that you are NOT fighting particular people in the power elite. You are seeking to help people overcome a particular state of consciousness. That is what you are about—a transformation in consciousness. And when you seek first the kingdom of God, which IS a transformation in consciousness, then all other things, including a change in physical society, will be added unto you. Thus, as the spiritual people, do not become involved with these questions that occupy the minds of those who are not spiritually awakened. Stay clear of them and focus on the transformation of consciousness.


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels