Reparations for slavery

Question: I wonder, since I am an American, about reparations for slavery. There has been more and more talk about it lately. What do the masters have to say about reparations?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, what we want to say is that it is important to debate the topic, because it can help move the debate around racist issues forward. Slavery is, of course, a part of America’s past, and America has not had enough of a debate about it to really process this and do something about it.

In terms of the practical issue of whether the government should suddenly start paying reparations, start paying money to people whose ancestors were taken to America as slaves, this is not really a realistic scenario. It is not something we support from the ascended realm. Simply too much time has passed. It isn’t a matter of doing something physical, it is a matter of doing something psychologically, and on the scale of the collective consciousness, in order to bring out this issue, have a thorough and hopefully a constructive non-dualistic discussion about it so people can process the entire mindset.

There is much that needs to be discussed about this, especially in the so-called southern states that had slaves before the Civil War. There are still some collective beasts there that have a hold over many people’s minds. There are many, many people that are trapped in the past, both those who come from a slave background and those who came from the slaveholder background, who have not let go of the past.

What really needs to happen here is that both white and black people need to transcend the entire mindset of the slavery period, so that both can move on, and so that society can move on. There is, as we have said before about abuse, you are not really free of the abuse, until you completely forgive the abuser, and forgive yourself for the way you reacted to the abuse. This applies as much to an individual as it applies to all who have been affected by this issue of slavery, even the Civil War.

America will not be free of this issue, until all sides forgive and decide to just move on and embrace the future instead of wanting to keep the past alive. This will run into a certain opposition, especially from those who come from a slave background because many of those have made a decision that is similar to what the Jews made after the exposure of the concentration camps, and it is: “This must never be forgotten.” Well, my beloved, if you are saying that slavery in the United States must never be forgotten, then you are condemning all black Americans to live for the indefinite future trapped or affected by the consciousness of slavery. Do you really want to do that, to those you consider your own kind?

The best thing that could happen for black people in America is that they themselves would transcend the consciousness of slavery, overcome this consciousness, forgive the white people, forgive America, and move on. Even if the white people were not willing to do the same, it would still be to the benefit of black Americans or black Africans, that they did this.

This would require for example, to transcend this label “black Africans.” If you want to be black Africans, then go back to Africa. If you want to live in America, then be black Americans, or better yet, be Americans.

Come to the point where you have transcended this where your race, your skin color, is not an issue for you. If it is an issue for others, let them deal with that, but you are moving on embracing the future, doing the best you can of the opportunities you have. When many people do this, there can be a shift so that all black Americans will do better and benefit from this.


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