Renewal of all religions

TOPICS: Masters want to renew every religion – overall goal is to reveal the universal, inner religion – what it takes to renew a religion – people must be open to renewal – the masters multiply what we bring to the table 

Question 1: Dear Jesus, After 2000 years, you came to reform Christianity, which misunderstood your teachings, and to clarify the missing links in your teachings and to explain the essence of your teachings. Are we to expect soon the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel, who revealed the Quran, on a website, like your web, to clarify his revelation to Muhammad? I think his explanations and clarifications are now a necessity to the welfare of the Muslims like your explanation on the web to the Christians and others.

Question 2: I get so excited thinking about the many great changes that are already occurring, as Kim’s website and books reach people all over the world. Your true teachings are without question a blessing to this planet. I was wondering if similar “missions” are taking place now as well, or will in the near future, in order to bring any true teachings that religions other than Christianity have not yet been widely known. For example, are Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Mohammed, Zarathustra, and Krishna doing similar things that you are now doing to raise the consciousness of individuals in the major religions that they have been associated with? How exciting it is to think of a worldwide mass awakening that includes all religions.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I can assure you that the ascended masters are committed to renewing every religion on earth. However, our overall goal is to bring forth the recognition that beyond all of the outer religions is an inner, universal religion. This religion cannot be confined to one particular church or doctrine. It is universal precisely because it goes beyond any particular expression of its nature. You can use a particular box as a stepping stone to reach for the universal religion, but you cannot confine the universal religion to any particular box.

The process of renewing the world’s religions is already well underway. There are indeed many people who are serving as instruments or messengers for this renewal in various ways and in various capacities. We would like to see all of the traditional religions be renewed through the process of progressive revelation. However, for that to happen, two conditions must be met:

  • One or several suitable messengers must be found. For example, to bring forth progressive revelation to renew the religion of Islam, we must have a messenger who knows Islam, is deeply committed to the religion, yet is still open to a renewal of that religion. In other words, the messenger cannot be attached to a particular aspect of his or her religion and cannot be motivated by the desire to make that religion the dominant or only true religion.
  • The messenger must be truly universal in consciousness, meaning that the person must have reached a critical level of Christ consciousness.
  • In order for us to sponsor a messenger to renew a particular religion, a critical mass of the followers of that religion must have reached a state of consciousness that makes them willing to look beyond the outer religion and the outer doctrines and reach for the universal religion behind their particular faith.
    It is quite possible that the ascended masters will begin to bring forth progressive revelation for other religions. It may not necessarily happen on a website such as this one, since this website is truly an experiment. What can and will happen with this website depends largely on the response of the people who find it. So far, most of the people who have been open to this website are the kind of people who are already open to the universal religion that I am talking about.

Most orthodox or mainstream Christians have not been willing to take a serious look at this website and look beyond their existing doctrines. They have not been willing to give me – the living Jesus Christ – the opportunity to tell them something that goes beyond the church doctrines that “are like unto whitened sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness” (Matthew 23:27).

The reason I can sponsor my website LINK is that I have a messenger and that there truly is a critical mass of people in the western world who have grown up in a Christian culture but who have been willing to look beyond it and reach for a more universal spiritual teaching, as it is available from many sources. I can only commend these many people for making it possible for me to speak again in this day and age. I am eternally grateful for the love and the openness of your hearts and minds.

Obviously, my website is brought forth through a particular messenger. Nevertheless, it is truly the hearts and minds of the people who are open to the teachings on my website that gave me the open door to bring forth these teachings. Seek and ye shall find, which means that until a sufficient number of people are seeking, we of the ascended masters cannot release a new teaching.

Therefore, one might say that the potential for religious renewal is limited only by the imagination and the willingness of the people who are part of this mission or who are willing to become part of this mission. We of the ascended masters are truly willing to match and multiply every opportunity given to us by our unascended brothers and sisters. However, only when people take what we give and multiply their talents – instead of burying them in the ground of traditional doctrines – can we give a higher level of teaching. I can assure you that there is much teaching that we desire to release, and if people respond positively, you will see major changes in the religious life of this planet.


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