Remembering past lives

Question: Are there any tips on how to remember past lives? People in our age could use such memories to avoid hindrance on a path towards ascension.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

What we have given you are the tools for overcoming the separate selves that we have given you now in several books. And we recommended you use those to deal with past lives. For most people, it’s not necessary, that you know the particulars of a past life in order to overcome the separate self that you created in that life. For many people, it can actually be somewhat disturbing that they know a past life. It can also for many people, reinforce some of the separate selves they have.

There are many spiritual people who have a separate self, where they want to be special. As we talked about in Korea, both Jesus and Saint Germain gave very important dictations on this. And there are many people who have found a spiritual teaching, they have decided to do regression therapy or this or that and they’ve gone into almost a competition on wanting to have some important past life.

And you will see, of course, if you go to mental institutions that there are people who believe that they were Napoleon or Jesus or some other known figure in a past life time. And you can find several people who believe they were the same person in a past life and obviously, they couldn’t all have been. And that’s because as we have said, certain public figures become sort of psychological archetypes. And that’s why sometimes people can come to believe that they were a certain person even though they actually were not that person in their past life, but they need to process something in their psychology.

So as ascended master students, we do not recommend that you make a deliberate effort to know your past lives. We certainly don’t recommend that you go to psychics, you get some kind of reading, or that you use any kind of divination, such as muscle testing or this or that, to find out who you were in a past life.

There may be some cases, but we are not generally recommending this, but there may be some case, some people who can benefit from the regression therapy, and maybe other people who do the kinds of therapies I’m talking about in the different books, and who have a remembrance, a spontaneous remembrance of a past life.

And in that case, you just try to discover what kind of self did you create. You let go of that self with the process we have given you, and then you let go of any kind of attachment or tendency to think about the past life because once you have overcome the separate itself, why even think about that past lifetime?

You understand that there was actually a reason why most people don’t remember their past lives. And it’s because you need to focus as much as possible on your present lifetime, without being burdened by the knowledge of who you were in a past life. In a sense, you could say that not remembering is an opportunity to start over. Even though of course, you don’t start over because you still have the separate selves you carry with you. What we recommend is that you use tools to overcome the separate selves. If you have some spontaneous memory of a past life, you process that and you let it go again, and then you focus on making spiritual progress, fulfilling your divine plan  in this lifetime.


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