Regretting the past and the primal self

Question: How do I overcome an overwhelming problem that my emotional mind creates even when the rational mind intellectually aware that it is unwise to agonize over such a matter? For instance, I am aware that regretting over a past relationship is not at all helpful and the love is constantly flowing energy but I cant help feeling angry that my love ended. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

My beloved, I do not want to sound repetitive but the obvious answer is, use the tools. In all cases where you feel that there is an overwhelming emotion you are dealing with, the immediate problem is that there are some dark forces who are magnifying or controlling your emotions and using them to get you out of a state of peace. This can be alleviated by making the calls for protection to Archangel Michael, for Astrea to cut you free and the violet flame to transmute whatever misqualified energies you have in your emotional body.

In the longer term it is a matter of resolving something in your psychology. Really this goes all the way to the cosmic birth trauma because all of you when you went through that birth trauma and created the primal self you had a certain sense of regret over, not only what happened in your birth trauma but over having come to this planet in the first place. Whenever you see that you have difficulty letting go and you are agonizing over why did I do this, why did this happen and you feel angry about something that happened in the past, it actually goes all the way back to this regretting coming to the planet or regretting how you reacted to the fallen beings.

Also, the original inhabitants of the Earth can have that regret, not of why they came to the planet but why they reacted the way they did to the fallen beings when they were first exposed to them. It really will not be fully resolved until you get to that and when you resolve the primal self and the other selves and when you see why you came to this planet and you resolve that and learn what you needed to learn and free yourself from that matrix that brought you here then you can make peace with being here and make peace with being alive and make peace with being a co-creator who doesn’t have to always be perfect.

You are experimenting with life and you are simply observing the outcome and saying do I want to continue with that or do I want something else? And then you change your consciousness so you send a different message into the cosmic mirror and so on.

The tools are there. I would also say the “My Lives” book is actually designed to help people get over this mechanism of regretting the past because when you recognize that you have been in embodiment for a very long time and you have had many different lifetimes and you have been exposed to many different things and you have had many lifetimes where you have done worse things than you have done in this lifetime or experienced worst things than you have experienced in this lifetime, it helps you distance yourself a little bit and see that what you have experienced in this lifetime really isn’t so crucial. It isn’t epically important.

You can step aside from it and say well, given all the things I have experienced in my many embodiments, is this really so important? Was it really so terrible?  Do I really need to agonize over this or can I detach myself from it, depersonalize it a little bit and say Ahhh!, it wasn’t that big of a deal? I’m going to move on.

Quite frankly when you resolve that primal self you will feel that these regrets just fade away. Some of them may require a little bit of work because you might have created another self to respond to that particular situation, so you may need to look at that reactionary pattern and come to identify that separate self and then consciously make the decision to let it die. When you feel that release you will be free of it. This will be much easier to accomplish once you have dealt with the primal self.


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