Refugees and the political situation in Sweden

Question: I would like to ask the masters about the spiritual situation in Sweden, given the social and political background there. Next year there will be election in Sweden and the political situation is quite infected. Two years ago, Sweden received almost 166,000 refugees and it prompted feelings about the future of Sweden. When people have so many immigrants, what is the spiritual view?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.

Well, my beloved, the nation of Sweden has a great potential to be one of the forerunners for manifesting the Golden Age. In order to fulfill that potential, the nation of Sweden also needs to look at its national psyche and realize that it has certain tendencies in the national psyche that will block it from actually being one of the leaders in a new age.

On the one hand, Sweden has the desire to be a leader internationally, as you can clearly see in its history. At the same time, it has certain blocks in the national psyche that actually prevents this from happening. One of the major blocks is, of course, (as this messenger became aware when he lived there) the unwillingness to openly talk about issues and problems.

Now, you mentioned the issue of the large number of immigrants, and this is where you have this contradiction in the national psyche of Sweden. They want to portray themselves as an open and very tolerant society, and that is why they accept large numbers of refugees or immigrants. At the same time, they have in their national psyche that they are not willing to openly talk about problems. You cannot have people in large numbers coming into a country from a different culture without creating issues. If you are afraid of calling them problems, then call them something else. But it is absolutely inevitable that you will have issues that need to be resolved and they cannot be resolved if you are not willing to talk about it in an open and frank manner.

That is where the Swedes have the weakness that they do not want to talk about things openly. They want to pretend like the problem does not exist. They want to sweep it under the rug and think that it will go away by itself. This makes it impossible for most other nations to cooperate with the Swedes because, in many other nations, you have a much better willingness and tradition for openly talking about problems and issues, and thereby resolving them.

You have this contradiction that on the one hand, Sweden wants to be a leader, but they want to be a leader by having all other nations accept the Swedish way of dealing with problems. This is simply unrealistic. It is an immature attitude, and just as you see with the election process, the political situation will become more and more chaotic, and the Swedish people will be more and more divided over this issue simply because when you do not allow people to freely express their feelings and talk about an issue, you create more and more tension.

You will see that these more extremist parties who have more extremist views will gain more and more support. It is not because most people actually support the right-wing parties. This is what you have seen throughout history. It is not that, in the beginning, for example, most Germans supported the Nazi party, but they were dissatisfied with the traditional parties and so they tended to give support to those who would at least say something different, who were not afraid to address an issue.

That is what you see in Sweden as well. Those parties that are not afraid to talk about the problems with immigrants, they are getting support because the people feel that nobody else wants to listen to their concerns. It really is a question – at this point an open question – as to how severe does the political crisis in Sweden have to become before the mainstream politicians and the people in general become willing to look at this issue in the national psyche and simply shift and realize: “This needs to change. This cannot go on. We cannot be a leader in the modern world if we cannot talk openly and if we expect that cooperation means that other people do things our way.”


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