Recognizing a true messenger

Question: This question is about messengers in Russia. Russia is a big country with a big population; are there messengers of the ascended masters in Russia, are they going to appear in Russia? The second part of the question is: There are a lot of other people that announce themselves as true messengers. Are they true messengers or not?

Answer from the Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

In the Aquarian Age it is very important that you develop your individual discernment. This means that we of the ascended masters will no longer tell you who is a true messenger and not a true messenger. We have done so in the past, but this was in the past. We will not do this in the Aquarian Age.

We will instead give you examples of what true messengers are like and what the messages are that we can bring forth through them. We do this so you may learn to read our vibration and then compare this to the vibration of other messages given through those who claim to be messengers. It is far more important for us that you develop this inner discernment than that we give you outer directions that you then follow.

There is a potential that we will have one or two people who can grow into fulfilling the role of messengers who speak the Russian language. Yet I will not reveal their identities, for becoming a messenger is a delicate process that takes time. It takes training. It also takes a willingness to transcend the consciousness that we have exposed in our dictations so far at this conference and that we will talk about in the remainder of this conference.

You see, my beloved, there is actually an advantage to the fact that this messenger did not grow up in Russia. He has not been exposed to the consciousness that blinds the Russian people, and therefore he can see it more easily than if he had grown up inside of that mental box. He also does not have a personal attachment to a certain image of Russia and is therefore more neutral than some people who claim to be messengers, but want their messages to confirm a certain image of Russia and the importance of Russia.

This is not to say that we would not like to have messengers who speak the Russian language. Nevertheless, you need to understand that even so it is necessary that you transcend the consciousness that we need to expose in order to help the Russian people grow.

You also need to recognize that there are many ways to be a messenger, to be an open door. You do not always need to take dictations. As I have said before, if you are an expert in some field in society, you can be the open door for bringing forth new ideas. This is also serving as a messenger, and we of course have many people in Russia, many of whom are not even aware of our existence, but they can still be the recipients for new ideas.

The most important way to evaluate a messenger is to look at the purity of intent. Does the messenger have an impure intention, a personal agenda of some kind and is therefore wanting the ascended masters to affirm either the agenda or the person’s own importance? This messenger has been very aware that being a messenger is a very humble occupation. Your task is to be the open door, nothing more and nothing less. If you want to use the claim of being a messenger to set yourself up into some high position, being admired by others or having them work for you, then this is a sign that you are not working with the ascended masters.

These are just pointers for, again, vibration is the key. Vibration is the key. You need to acknowledge the fact that Russia is a large nation, but it is only one among many nations. You need to acknowledge, what I said earlier, namely that we of the ascended masters are working with individuals seeking to help them ascend. We are not so attached to nations.

I know very well that a previous dispensation was centered in America and gave a view of the world that was very centered on America. Yet that was, again, a certain stage. It was not the only or the ultimate way that we of the ascended masters can or will present ourselves.

We are of course beyond any nation on earth. We are beyond anything on earth. We have ascended precisely by leaving behind, as Guru Ma said, all of our personal attachments to anything on earth.

It is one of these tricky things that in order to recognize a true messenger you have to have overcome a certain amount of your personal attachments. Otherwise, you will “recognize” a messenger that tells you what you want to hear according to your personal attachments. Of course, in order to be a messenger of the ascended masters you have to have overcome even more of your attachments. It is true, as the old saying goes: “It takes one to know one” and that is really the final word in the matter. At least for now.


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