Receiving words or concepts during the conferences 

Question: During the “Christ Discernment” webinar, I was having a bizarre experience, perhaps that masters can shed light on. During the dictations, I felt the presence of the masters incredibly close. I merged in with a stream of consciousness that I felt. What shocked me was that I felt words and revelations pour through my mind. Ten seconds after getting a revelation, Kim would say almost verbatim exactly what this voice had said. In between dictations, during the breaks, this presence was showing me new revelations. And when we would come back to a session, the new dictation would be exactly what I had just received from within. This is continued for the entire conference. It was like this beautiful dance that lifted my consciousness and filled me with gratitude. Can the masters comment on this experience and what was actually happening?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

When we give a dictation through the messenger, we have a certain matrix, an energetic matrix, a certain matrix of ideas, that exists in the spiritual realm. We then first push it into the identity realm, then into the mental, then into the emotional and then into the physical mind of the messenger, where it is translated into words that are then spoken by the messenger. This does not mean that the words are there exactly in the spiritual realm as they are spoken in the physical—as the words are gradually formed as the dictation is pushed through the four levels.

Now, when you are participating in a conference, you can – and this is what we always encourage – you can attune your consciousness to that of the ascended masters. And this means that when a dictation is given, you may be able to pick up the words, say at the mental level, before they are pushed all the way through, to the physical. Therefore, you can actually hear the words before they are spoken. You can also in between dictations tune in your consciousness to the masters and receive, not necessarily the words, even though you can, of course, receive the words, but also the concepts.

There are many times at a conference where we have certain ideas that we wish to talk about, and some of the students that come to the conference, have tuned in to those ideas. Often the messenger has experienced that one or two students will come up and tell him about something, or ask him about a certain concept, and then, later, we will comment on that particular concept. This is because the students have been attuned to the ideas that we want to bring forth.

This is something we encourage all of you to do. All of you are capable of doing it. But I do not want anybody to feel discouraged if it does not happen to them. You just simply focus on attuning your consciousness to us, to the best of your ability. Some of you will find it more difficult to receive words, some of you will find it easier to receive images or concepts. Some may just feel a flow of energy that is not specific to ideas or concepts. Whatever it is for you – just tune in as best you can, and be happy with whatever level of attunement you have, whatever form it takes.


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