Questions about dementia

Question: My mother has senile dementia. I have been caring for her for almost six years. I feel severe fatigue from this very heavy process of caring for her. In Russia due to the national mentality, as well as financial inability, many people bear the burden of caring for their sick relatives who have the same disease. In this regard, I have the following questions. 

Kim Michaels: There are four questions so we will take them one at a time. 

Question 1: What are the spiritual tasks of people who care for people with this disease?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

The spiritual tasks vary widely depending on people’s level of consciousness. This answer will not just apply to this particular disease but to anyone who cares for other people. For the majority of people in the world, the spiritual task they have is that the situation is brought about by karma from past lives.

In some cases, you may have been embodied with this person before, you may have harmed them in some way and people can, to use the normal expression “payback their karma” by caring for that person. You may also in some cases pay back karma for harming other people by caring for one particular person. So, this is the case for the majority of the people who do not have a particular spiritual awareness.

If you have a higher spiritual awareness, the primary spiritual task you should look for is how you can use the situation to transform your own consciousness. You can use our teachings if you are familiar with our teachings on the separate selves to seek to discover what selves you have, that are reacting to this situation that are resisting the situation. And then you can look at it as a learning process, as an opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth tremendously by using it to look at what it is in your own psychology that you can overcome.

You can also of course, give our invocations and decrees to transform the person’s karma that you’re caring for. Thereby you can help that person move on in their spiritual unfoldment so that they can perhaps get out of this situation earlier and move on to their next embodiment.

Question 2: What happens to the soul of a person who has this disease? What octave or plane does it occupy during the disease? Is it more difficult for such a soul to rise to the light after the transition? 

Kim: I think this question has been addressed before. Hasn’t it? There has been other questions about dementia, I think I’ve addressed this.

So what I’ll basically say is that it depends on the person’s level of consciousness. Some may go to the astral plane, some to the mental some to the identity plane. If people have a higher level of consciousness, it might be an opportunity for them to work on their growth while they are not focused on the physical body, but they are still not ready to leave embodiment or they are not ready to ascend.

Question 3: Is this disease in accordance with this life streams scenario for this life or is it a deviation from it as a result of life streams free will choices when it does not follow its divine plan? 

Mother Mary: Again, this depends on the person’s level of consciousness before they came into embodiment, and what they do with the opportunity to be in embodiment.

For many people, the disease is a result of their karma from past lives. It is the result of them over several embodiments not being willing to take responsibility for themselves. Not being willing to grow, not being willing to work on their psychology and learn from the experiences they are having. This can cause some people to get one of these debilitating diseases where either they are not conscious in the body or they are paralyzed in the body and have very few things they can do through the body. This then is a way for a life stream to force itself to look at itself, which it has not done for several embodiments.

However, there are a few people who have a higher level of spiritual awareness and they can use such a disease to work on their psychology at inner levels and therefore make progress towards their ascension.

In some cases, it is correct that if people are not following their divine plan, they can precipitate a disease such as this, which then forces them to, again look at themselves, work on themselves instead of being trapped in the physical or focused on the physical.

Question 4: I feel a strong affinity to my mother, to this lifestream. I feel love and compassion for her and a desire to help. But since this situation has already been very prolonged, how can I know whether it contributes to our growth or whether it is just an attachment by one of us and a reluctance to let it go? I of course ask myself these questions, use spiritual tools, but I do not have a clear answer. 

Mother Mary: Whenever you are in a situation where you do not have a clear answer and you are an ascended master student, you should look at this as an opportunity to grow further. You should reason: the reason why I do not have a clear answer is that there is one or several separate selves I have not yet seen. You can say that as long as you do not have a clear answer then the situation is an opportunity for you to grow further. And you can therefore use it as such.

What I will recommend in situations like this is to step back from the situation. I know that many people who are caring for others in such situations feel they have been forced by circumstances to go into the situation. Perhaps they were the only one who was able to do this. Or perhaps there was some external pressure to do this, whatever the situation may be. But you can start by recognizing that you are still an individual human being with free will. And you do have a choice. You do have a choice to say I will no longer do this. And then there might be others who will have to take over.

It is important for you to recognize that you have a choice. Because by even contemplating that you could remove yourself from the situation, you will feel a reaction in your own psychology, you can then look at that reaction and realize it comes from various separate selves, and then you can start working on these selves.

But what you will often realize is, that on the one hand, you have a self that makes you feel that you have to take on the situation. But on the other hand, you have one or several selves that are resisting you being in the situation. What you can do then is start working on these selves and strive to come to a point where you no longer have any resistance to being in the situation.

This can be a tremendous opportunity to overcome the separate selves that may have nothing specifically to do with this situation but relate to your attitude towards the physical realm, towards the material world, even the Mother realm. It can help you overcome your resistance, even hatred of the Mother for the fact that the Mother does not always give you the conditions you want. Many, many people, in fact all people have such selves, and this can be an opportunity to work on it.

If you can come to a point where you have resolved these selves, you will get a clear inner answer on whether you are to stay in a situation or remove yourself and what your options are. You may even in some cases, see that the person you are caring for is now free to move on because you have resolved what you needed to resolve.

Of course, you can also make calls for the person to resolve their psychology and you may even be able to use some of the tools we have given you for the separate selves. If you take the book, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, the visualization I have given where you go through the different levels on turn, you come back to a theater where you will see a situation from the past, you can actually use that on behalf of the person you are caring for, to help them resolve the situation. You can make the calls to me so that you can be the one who helps this other person, see what they can see and I will assist that person as they are willing.


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