Question about the new president of Ukraine

Question: Is the new president of Ukraine an open door for the ascended masters? Is he sponsored by the ascended masters? How can we effectively provide our assistance to the president of Ukraine? And through what kinds of spiritual services? And what prospects does Ukraine have in preserving its integrity, statehood, and ending the war and its economic development? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

As I have already said, we are seeing the new president as potential for being an open door for us and we do sponsor him to some degree. But we want you to realize that saying that we sponsor someone does not mean that everything that person does or says comes from the ascended masters or is approved by us. Because sponsorship does not mean that he is like a marionette, a puppet on a string. But it means that he has some ability to tune into us, although he does not realize where this comes from, he is not consciously aware of our presence, of course, but he has some intuitive abilities. He also has that sense of practical realism of what it takes to actually move forward and move the nation forward.

First of all, you need to recognize here, as we have also said in our dictations, that the way forward for Ukraine is through dialogue instead of confrontation. And it is very important to make all people in Ukraine feel that they are being heard. I know there are some that you will not be likely to satisfy because their definition of being heard is that everybody else does what they want. And unless everybody else does what they want, they will not feel that they are being heard or represented.

If you look at the situation of the president, in a country like Ukraine with the different groupings that are there, is it possible that he can make all of them feel that he is representing them? And the answer is simply no, it isn’t possible. That is why he needs to go for attempting to get the majority to agree with the changes.

But in terms of the situation in the East, which, of course, is the biggest problem right now, it is entirely possible that he has the ability to engage them in an open dialogue. You need to recognize that there are people in the East who feel that they feel, I’m not saying it’s a reality, but they feel that they have gotten more understanding and respect from Putin than they have from their own president. This, of course, is not a reality, because what interaction have they had with Putin and how do they really know how he looks at them? As we have said, they are just chess pieces in his game.

But nevertheless, the reason they feel this way is that they did not get any understanding and attention from the previous president. This president has the potential to engage them in a dialogue and you can make the calls for this. I am not saying that it will be successful because these people are very set in their mindset. It can also, just as with the ones on the right, be difficult to engage them and make them feel that they are being heard.

But nevertheless, it is important to make an attempt to solve the situation with diplomatic means so that, whatever happens, there will be a diplomatic way to bring changes about, instead of having to fight to the bitter end, as some people in the western part of Ukraine are willing to do, even though they have no idea what the bitter end really means and how bitter it will be.


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