Question about the Korean ascended master students group

Question: About six years have passed since the Korean ascended master students group launched and our group is doing various things actively right now. While we communicate with each other on website and social media, we have published a lot of books and translated recent messages, released to other countries webinars and studied them. And we have participated in Mother Mary’s vigil. Additionally, we are having an event for giving invocations every Tuesday evening. Until now, by our own estimation, we think that our group has performed the role faithfully to introduce ascended master teachings and to make those students who are ready to enter our mandala. And now we are considering what the next vision for the Korean group would be. What is the desirable way to manage our Korean community, including management operation in accordance with the Aquarian Age, and what is the better direction of our activities to make people discover the ascended master teachings, we would love to hear from the ascended masters on these issues.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, my beloved, let us first recognize all of the work you have done and the many people you have attracted both at the physical conferences and through the publication of the books and websites. It is truly a transformative work for your own nation of Korea and also for the wider planet as a whole, in terms of contributing to raising the collective consciousness.

You have to be careful that you do not set too high of a goal for yourself, so you wear yourselves or each other out. You have to perhaps shift into a more steady, gradual growth and allow things to sometimes take the time it takes. I know that there is always the desire to attract many people or to have various activities, but perhaps you need to just give yourself a little time to go within, tune in to your intuition and get the directions from within of what you would like to do.

It is not necessarily that we want to push you to attract as many people as possible. Traditionally, ascended master teachings have not attracted large numbers of people. But this does not mean that it could not be done. However, you need to recognize that the teachings we have been giving through this messenger for the last number of years, certainly since your group was formed, have been for more advanced students. You who are part of the group now, you are ready for these more advanced teachings. And many of you are eager to follow them and to come up higher. But you need to recognize that if you want to attract a larger number of newer people, you cannot expect them to be able to step in and grasp these teachings in the beginning. A few will be able to do so but not many.

If you want to attract a larger group of people, you need to create some courses, some materials, some workshops, that are especially geared towards new people. And for this purpose, you need to look at what is happening in the spiritual field in Korea. What other movements are there? What are people open to? Are there certain topics that they are especially interested in, and then you create some workshops or presentations, or even books and pamphlets or websites based on the ascended master material.

You do not always have to be concerned about attracting people to this particular teaching, this particular messenger. You can also go a little more broad, and talk about more universal ideas where you are not at least at first, aiming to attract people to your organization, but to give them these ideas. And then perhaps later they will be more open to receiving a higher teaching. This is a shift that you need to decide collectively, whether you are ready for this, whether you feel you have the resources for it, and how you can apply this.

In terms of the management style and way to manage things. Well, it is clear that there is a delicate balance to be walked here. And it goes for all spiritual organizations. We have seen it in the past, we will see it no doubt in the future. Not everybody is at the same level. Not everybody has the same experience with the path, not everybody has the same maturity or insights. It is difficult to create a spiritual movement that is entirely democratic. There needs to be some centralized leadership that can have the vision of which direction a group is going in, and can carry that vision through. Otherwise, you end up often spreading yourselves out over too many things, or there can be internal divisions.

It is necessary to have some firm management structure that can keep your group on track. On the other hand, if you want to expand and attract new people, then you need people to carry out this effort, you need people who perhaps have expertise in a certain field who can create a workshop or seminar. And therefore, you need to allow certain initiatives for these people who have that kind of expertise. You cannot expect that the leadership we are talking about, that needs to keep the stability of the group, will have expertise in all areas, or have the time and the energy to do everything. You can only really grow by delegating responsibility. But of course, still within the overall vision of what it is you want the group to accomplish, which is of course, to help people grasp the ascended masters teachings.

You can also consider now that you have translated a large number of books, you can consider whether there may be some of the books that are not necessary to translate into Korean, because they are not the most appealing to where the Korean collective consciousness is at right now. Therefore, you can be more selective and not necessarily have the goal to translate everything, but to do what is realistically possible for you to do. And perhaps also spend a little more time promoting one or two of the books, attempting to get them out to a wider audience, that you determine are the books that have the broadest interest for people.

You understand that we are not here trying to give you detailed instructions, because you have done very well so far. And many of you are capable of getting impulses from within. And we do not want to create an organization that is dependent on the messenger for resolving all questions or telling people what to do. This is what we have seen in the past. And it has a limited capability in terms of reaching people. We want you to make your own decisions, we want you to make them not in the most democratic way in terms of having a group of people vote on something. But we prefer to have you discuss issues in a group and then seek to reach some kind of consensus on this. It does not mean that everybody has to agree but if a vast majority of people agree, then the people who do not will have to accept the decision of the majority.

Truly, there is no one right way to run an organization or group like what you have been doing. It is important that you do not fixate your minds that there is only one way to do it. On the other hand, it is also important for those who are part of the group to realize that you have come to where you are today because something has worked. It is not necessarily that you should try all kinds of other things when there is something that works.

On the other hand, there needs to be openness for new ideas. It is a balance to find. What we are saying is that we have seen in every group that there is a tendency that some people want to continue doing everything the same way and there is a tendency that some people get dissatisfied and start being critical and want to do everything differently than what has been done so far. And both these reactions are not balanced. And we know that you are capable of finding a greater balance between having the stability and the ongoingness, the continuity of the group, and still being open for new ideas and impulses.


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