Question about Taras Shevchenko

Question: Dear Master Kuthumi, through the channeling of Sergey Kanusheski from St. Petersburg, who supposedly receives dictation from you, it became known that the poet and artists Taras Shevchenko, beloved in Ukraine, is the embodiment of you master Kuthumi, is it so? In any case, I would like to hear where the soul of our Ukrainian genius Taras Shevchenko is now. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

No, this is not correct. The soul of the poet has simply moved on to other embodiments. You need to recognize here that we understand that many nations have a need to feel that they have certain important people in their history, they have certain heroes.

But you need to recognize that even though a person may have played an important role at a particular historical moment, for a particular nation, once that soul is out of embodiment, the soul itself and the masters working with that soul are looking at how can the soul best move on in its path towards the ascension. This means that if the soul has reached a higher level of consciousness, it will not allow itself to be pulled back into a particular nation if it is more important that it goes somewhere else.

So the idea that a particular historical person will continue to embody in the same nation is not something that happens very often. This may be a disappointment to some but the reality is that we are always looking at what creates progress for that individual soul, and the closer you get to your ascension, the less, you might say loyalty or attachment, you have to any particular nation, or environment or group of people.

There comes a point where you simply need to say: “What kind of an experience do I need in order to qualify for my ascension? Where can I best get that experience?” And then you move there .


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