Question about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Question: Are there any other divine hierarchies, besides the Great White Brotherhood, that are in charge of the earth civilization? And, what hierarchy do Sri Aurobindo and The Mother represent, what can you say about the city of Auroville and its role in the development of human consciousness.

(Sri Aurobindo was a spiritual teacher in India and he developed what he called integral yoga. He was a recommended teacher by El Morya during the time of Agni yoga. Auroville is kind of a combination of a campus and a city based on the idea of practice and spiritual path. ‘The Mother’ was the nickname of his spouse. She became his disciple and they kind of act like twin flames).

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

There are no spiritual hierarchies beyond the Great White Brotherhood because we are one, we are united. Why would we need to have different groupings or divisions within us? In terms of Sri Aurobindo, his teachings are valid. But the question is whether they are very applicable to westerners.

This is something you need to decide on your own on an individual basis what meaning that has for you. Naturally, I would say that if you have the teachings we are giving here, then there is a reason you have been attracted to these teachings. You should certainly make use of these teachings as much as you can. But of course, we have never required and do not want our students to feel they have to only study these teachings. You are always free to look at other teachings as you are moved intuitively through your own inner guidance.


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