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Question: This question is about releasing high technology through Saint Germain. Saint Germain says that he is ready to release high technology through scientists who can tune in to him and get new ideas. But it requires that the collective consciousness does not contain strong negation and rejection of possibilities. Can Saint Germain express some ideas that can be addressed to many people who are unfamiliar with the teachings of the ascended masters, but that they are ready to accept the truth about the nature of some possible scientific discoveries? In other words, can he explain in plain language, the natural possibility of certain advanced technologies?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

I have already given some teachings on this in various dictations I’ve given on the Golden Age. I will also give more in the future, but it requires a more in-depth explanation than I can give in a short answer. What I will say is that, as an example of how this can be, you need to recognize here that in order for certain new technology to be expressed, or to be released, there has to be a willingness to receive it. And this requires both the change in the collective consciousness but it also requires that there are certain scientists who are willing to question what most scientists are currently not questioning, including materialism.

In order for a new science or new technology to be released, there has to be people who are willing to think beyond what is currently known. You will see, as I just said that Newtonian science is based on a certain view of the world. And Einstein was able to go beyond that view and see a higher way. The Einsteinian view didn’t negate or eradicate Newtonian science, invalidate Newtonian science, it gave a deeper understanding. Then there were other scientists who were willing to go even further and they could conceive of quantum physics, which Einstein could not fully accept even to the end of his life. So it requires a shift because in order to receive this new technology, you need to be able to grasp it, to conceptualize it and that means you have to be willing to think outside the box of what is currently known.

Now, just as a concrete example, here, you have the whole concept of free energy. This can be explained actually in terms of what is currently known by quantum physics. You have observations made by quantum physicists in bubble chambers, that you can have a state where there are no particles, suddenly one particle appears, divides itself into several particles, they collide again and then disappear.

There have been some scientists who have been willing to speculate that, beyond what can be observed even at the subatomic level, there must be some kind of energy field, some call it a quantum field, some call it a ground state, whatever they call it, but it has basically been proven by quantum physics, that there is some state beyond the physical material realm. And in that state there is energy. And that energy can then enter the material realm and become physical matter.

If you take this and put it together with a big bang, you can see that, is it actually logical that all of the matter and all of the energy that is now in these, this huge universe was compressed into something called a singularity? Whatever that may be. Is this really logical? Obviously, all of the matchup could not fit in there. But could the energy actually fit into a single point? Is it not just as logical to say that there was an event where energy from a different realm entered the material frequency spectrum.

And this means that all of the matter that you see in the world today is actually created from energy. This was proven by Einstein. And that energy must have come from somewhere, and what has now been proven for those who are willing to see it by quantum physics, is that that energy came from another realm. It entered the material world, the physical realm from another realm. Well, is that not free energy? Is it not there by proven that the entire world is created by free energy?

So does that not mean it is also possible that technology could be created, that would be able to, so to speak, channel the energy from a different realm into the material realm, where it could then be used to perform physical work or at least create electricity that could power machines that perform physical work. This is perfectly in line with what has already been discovered.

See, what you have right now is, you have a state of technology, which is a reflection of the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness does not really fully accept the existence of another realm. That is why as we have said humankind has become a closed circle, a closed system subject to the second law of thermodynamics.

That is why the technology you have today, the energy sources you have today, you think that the only way to provide energy is to either burn some kind of fuel, or split the atom, and free the energy that is already in the material realm. But this is simply a certain mindset that is based on an incomplete understanding of how the world works.

As I said, quantum physics has already proven that the world is created by energy from another realm, and therefore, there is naturally much more energy in that realm and it is a matter of raising our view of the world, our understanding of the world, raising the collective consciousness until we can grasp what that other realm is like, and therefore be able to receive the technology that can make use of the energy that is there.

It may be not so constructive to talk about free energy, but it is free in a sense that there is no cause cost, there is nothing that needs to be burned or consumed in the material realm in order to harness this energy and therefore, we might call it a different name and many different names could be suggested. But the important point is to realize that science has already proven that it is possible and there is constantly energy entering the material realm from another realm.

As we have said before, if you could actually measure the total energy output from your own sun and calculate the energy created by the nuclear processes in the sun, you would see that there is a gap, there is a discrepancy. And the only way to explain this is that in the core of the sun is actually a portal whereby energy from an another realm enters the sun. And it is actually this energy that fuels the nuclear processes that create the physical energy that is the sunlight radiated by your sun. And there are many such portals and it is possible to create such portals on Earth, whereby energy from another realm can enter the physical spectrum.


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