Question about narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths

Question: The term narcissist, sociopath and psychopaths refer to a particular set of personality disorders that many people seem to be more consciously aware of today. Can the masters comment on how these disorders develop in certain individuals, why they are so dangerous for anyone dealing with them and how we can protect ourselves from them?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, we have already given various teachings on this both in terms of fanaticism, but also in a previous answer. But what I will say is that these kind of what you call “disorders”, it’s very, very important that psychologists and psychiatrists and other people concerned about mental health become a more aware of these concepts and that they develop their understanding of them. Because it can really bring forth a new awareness of what we have talked about with fallen beings, where without knowing the term fallen beings, understanding where they come from, they can at least identify that they are certain people that have a different approach, that do not have empathy, that do not care about the consequences for others.

Therefore, you can see how this can help people who are victims of such people, identify what’s going on see that there’s a problem and free themselves from it on a personal level. It can help society come to a point where they realize we cannot have a democracy, if we allow people with these personality disorders, to gain any kind of prominent position in society. How they develop is as we have talked about, it can be through a trauma that causes beings to be completely focused on themselves and of course, when the fallen beings fell, they became completely self-focused.

But there are as we said, also avatars who can become very focused on themselves and therefore gradually over several lifetimes become so self -focused that they fit these categories that are now being used. These categories that you have now are not necessarily the final understanding of the psychological conditions. It will be refined over time, other categories will emerge because it is not possible to give a static definition of anything in the psyche. It needs to be an ongoing process, where you gradually reach for deeper and deeper understanding.


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