Question about minimalism

Question: I would like to know if minimalism is inspired by the ascended masters?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

No. And the reason for this is of course, that in the golden age, people will not be minimalists. They will want more, they will strive for more, they will always seek to transcend and grow. Because that’s how society grows.

You see, my beloved, there is a very insidious consciousness, very subtle, I might say, serpentine consciousness that has been inserted into the western world. And it’s partly created by the consumerism, by the runaway capitalism of people seeking to become richer and richer and have more and more of the same. And the consciousness is that it’s actually wrong for you to want more, because you’re using up the planet’s resources or you are consuming too much in the western world, when people are poor in the third world and all of these things, and it’s clear that many of these things will shift in the golden age.

But one of the major shifts that will happen is that there will be many more resources in the golden age. And that means that all people throughout the world can have a decent material standard of living. Now, this doesn’t mean that everybody is going to live like kings and barons, but it does mean that everybody will have not only enough, but also have more than enough.

And that’s why minimalism isn’t coming from us whatsoever. It’s sort of a form of self-denial, that can very easily lead people to deny their potential to make spiritual progress. Because in reality, when you make spiritual progress, when you raise your consciousness towards and beyond the 96th level, you will want more, not necessarily that you will want more of the same but you will want more than what you have.

You could say that there could be a higher form of minimalism where you could say that people are not focused on the material aspect of life. They are focused on the spiritual aspects and therefore, you have just enough material goods that it supports the lifestyle you want so you can focus on your spiritual quest, and you’re not spending inordinate amounts of time and energy making money to buy more material goods or a bigger house or a bigger car, or this or that. But you have enough and you don’t feel like you are lacking anything.

But this is different than minimalism, because minimalism tries to create a philosophy and then projects that people should step into that role and take this on. This is essential what communism was doing. As I was talking about in my dictation where they try to create an idea of what the Soviet man should be like. And the fallen beings love to do this. And they have done this throughout history, equated the idea of what a Christian person should be like. They still have many Christians who are trying to live up to some ideal of what it means to be a good Christian, good Muslim, or good Buddhist, or a good Hindu, or a good Sikh, or good this or good that. And you also have this environmental cause of what it means to have a low carbon footprint, and you create all of these ideals.

But really what we are encouraging is that you raise your consciousness, you’re focused on spiritual growth. And when you focus on spiritual growth, you will naturally have a balance in your material lifestyle, but it’s not because you are forcing yourself to live up to some artificial ideal that has been created. It’s just that you naturally don’t focus on the material aspects of life and therefore, what does it matter what kind of car you drive and what status that gives in society, or how many kilometers it can drive above the speed limit and how big of a motor it has and this and that. All of these things just aren’t relevant. So, this is a form of balance you find whereas minimalism is not a balanced lifestyle. And we always encourage balance, in all aspects of your life.


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