Question about Mexico 

Question: Can the masters please comment on how to improve the economy of Mexico, any issues of violence our country is facing, and whether if our country is on the right track with the actual government and mindset of the citizens.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, unfortunately, I must tell you that Mexico is one of the nations in the world that gives me the greatest concern. There is simply no easy solution. There is simply no easy solution to the problems you see in Mexico. I cannot simply give you a step by step plan for how to turn Mexico into a golden age society.

You will notice that Mexico is, although not the only country in Central America, but certainly the largest country, and therefore is in what we might call the nexus or the figure eight between North and South America. Now, you know very well that we have talked many times about a figure eight flow. And in order for the American continent to have its maximum potential, there needs to be a figure eight flow from north to south and back again. And this flow, of course, has to go through Mexico. And that is why you see both in Mexico and some of the other Central American countries, that there has been great unrest, revolutions, violence, drugs, and so on because the dark forces are doing everything they can to block the figure eight flow right there in the nexus.

In an answer like this, I cannot give you an exhaustive talk about Mexico. I may do this at some later point, even though I may tell you that we do not have many students in Mexico who are willing to listen to what I say through this messenger. And this is, of course, part of the entire mindset.

Many Mexicans have this unwillingness to experiment and open themselves to something new, they are very tied up, or very attached to tradition. You can see this by the fact that the Catholic church still has a very large influence in Mexico. You can see for example, the attachment to the Day of the Dead, celebrating ancestors, dead ancestors, family, family heritage, Mexican culture, there are so many of these attachments that the Mexican nation as a whole, the collective consciousness is very closed to new ideas. And that is why they are closed to New Age or Golden Age ideas. There is simply such a fear of looking at something new, such a fear of going beyond tradition, that it is very difficult to find people who are open to receiving new ideas, but even more difficult to find people who are willing to implement them.

The economy of Mexico is an expression of the collective consciousness of Mexico. Because what is it you see, in the tradition of Mexico, you see great poverty, you see a Catholic tradition, which, for a long time, if you go back to medieval Europe, was upholding the feudal system, where there were a few rich landlords who own the land, and the majority of the people were just workers who were very poor. And you see the same thing in Mexico, going back centuries. And you see that Mexico, because of its attachment to tradition, has not really overcome this.

The people in general have not overcome this sense that there is a rich elite, and they are the poor people. And the poor people are always mistreated and always put down and they have no opportunities to improve their lives, and therefore there is no point in even trying. Adding to this, you have of course the element of the entire criminal gangs, the drug gangs, the drug cartels, who are having such an impact on society in terms of bribing politicians, pressuring politicians, executing politicians, executing their enemies, executing each other, and therefore creating this enormous amount of fear in many parts of Mexico.

You see here that attachment to tradition is based on fear. The Catholic Church is based on fear. There are maybe some countries in Europe that have overcome some of the historical fear promoted by the Catholic Church, but in Mexico, you still have so much fear generated by the Catholic Church, so much fear of questioning the church, of going to hell and this is what the drug cartels are simply building on. This fear of taking a stand, this fear of doing something unusual. And it unfortunately creates a very difficult combination. It’s very difficult to free people from this.

And so I do not have a simple solution for this. If we had enough, ascended master students who was willing to give decrees and invocations, then they could eventually have an impact on this. But as it is now, the only realistic scenario is that the Mexican people will have to experience many more hard knocks in the school of hard knocks, before they finally stand up and demand a better form of government, a better form of leadership, a better form of society. And before they demand an end to the drug cartels, and their influence on society.

This, of course, also requires the Mexican people to do away with a temptation to make easy money from the drug cartels in various ways. So you have this poverty consciousness and the dream of making easy money. And the drug cartels are taking advantage of this. They are an expression of it. And unfortunately, there’s also this element of people in Mexico feel they are so poor, they have been so downtrodden, so mistreated, that if they get a chance to make easy money, then why not take it no matter what the consequences may be for other people. It may be the drugs are wrong, but Americans buy the drugs. So why shouldn’t we make the money, otherwise, somebody else will.

And so there’s an entire consciousness there, that is so entrenched in the collective psyche of Mexico, that it is- there is no easy way to break it, there is no gentle way to break it.  I’m relatively confident that the only thing that can break it is that they continue to have more and more hard knocks. It may be necessary that the entire economy will fail before there is some kind of uprising of people demanding something different, but at the same time also being willing to be part of the change to be part of the solution by changing their consciousness.

A much similar dynamic can be found in some other Central American nations, and also in some of the South American nations where you also see the influence of the Catholic Church. You see the fear that was generated, you see the temptation to make the easy money through drug trade, and so on. And so this is not an easy thing to break. Of course, if people are willing to listen to what I say, from the Ascended level and implement it then we could, but given that there are not enough people who are willing for this, the only realistic scenario is the school of hard knocks.


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