Question about Kazakhstan

Question: We have a question about our country Kazakhstan, the first is what is the main block in the national consciousness, the Kazakhstan nation in order to accelerate mass consciousness into the Golden Age. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

The main block is really that there are too many people who do not want to take responsibility for themselves. With this I mean take responsibility for making their own personal decisions. That is why after the break up of the Soviet Union – Kazakhstan did not transition into a democratic society but attracted a person who for all practical purposes has been functioning as a dictator. Now I know there are various degrees of dictators and as I have said before I do not consider the Kazakh President to be in the worst category of dictators. He actually has a certain restraint and wisdom.

Nevertheless it is clear that in the Golden Age we see that all countries will have democracy. And therefore when a country does not have democracy but attracted a more dictatorial leader then it is because the people of that country, not enough of them have been willing to take responsibility for their own lives and for their nation. So this is the first thing to make calls on. And I know this is a somewhat abstract topic because there are many aspects of this not wanting to take responsibility. But you can of course look back at the dictations that were given at our conferences in Kazakhstan and then you can gain further insights from that, and further topics for making calls.


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