Question about implanting chips in human beings

Question: Putin signed a decree on chipping, meaning chip implanting, the population of Russia beginning in 2025. Sphere Bank of Russia began to conduct voluntary experiments with chip implanting, thus turning people into biological objects. And the Russian government is technically leading people to give up cash. What are your comments about this? What should spiritual people do if this is implemented by force? How does chipping relate to moral, ethical and spiritual life? Should people fear this? What about biometrics, how should we feel about that?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, my beloved, it’s clear that the ascended masters do not support implanting a computer chip in human beings. There are, of course, some uses of this kind of technology and as long as it is a chip that is only meant to locate where people are, and identify them, it is not necessarily an entirely destructive technology. You already see that some people who fear that they might be kidnapped, or that their children might be kidnapped, have chosen to have a chip implanted, so they can be found. You could have the same for people who were explorers and who would go to Antarctica, for example, where they might be lost in bad weather.

I’m not saying that there are no legitimate, constructive uses for this kind of technology. But as a general measure that is forced upon the population, it’s clear that the ascended masters do not in any way support this.

So how should you deal with this if the government of your nation makes this mandatory? Well, you need to recognize here that it isn’t correct that having a chip implanted in your body turns you into a thing or biological being, you have already many people who have various, artificial or man-made devices implanted in their bodies. So it is still possible to be a spiritual person and walk the spiritual path even if this happens.

Naturally, you can look at your situation in your country and you can look at the potential to object to this, to protest against this, to create a movement against it or to participate in such a movement—support it in various ways. But if that isn’t possible, due to the situation of your country, then you might consider immigrating, leaving the country if you feel strongly enough about this.

On the other hand, you can also take the approach that Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar that which Caesar’s, and until God that which is God’s.” In other words, if it is not in your divine plan, to participate in some uprising against the government that might get you killed, and therefore take you out of embodiment, then you do what is necessary in order to stay alive in your country. And then you continue to walk your spiritual path and raise your consciousness, thereby gradually transforming the collective consciousness and after some time, opening up for a new form of government.

It’s clear once again, that as we have said about the Soviet Union, that the more the Russian government violates its citizens, the more it will shorten its lifespan and set the stage for reform of government. We have said before that Vladimir Putin is kept artificially alive by the Russian people. And it is just a matter of getting to that critical point where there are not enough people supporting him or believing in him or not wanting to acknowledge what he is doing, to keep him in embodiment.

In other words, when a certain amount of people realize what is happening in Russia, what has happened under Putin’s reign and decide that they do not want this form of government, there can come this point or rather, there will come this point where Putin will be taken out of embodiment. And there is nothing that he or the government apparatus that supports him can do about this once the people have made up their mind.


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