Question about dynamic meditation

Question: Can you give us some insights about what happens in dynamic meditations?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

I’m not entirely sure here but I assume that this is the kind of meditations that were given by Osho Rajneesh where people have this movement, dances they went through and where they release all kinds of emotions, whatever comes to them, they scream, or do whatever, I assume that’s it, if I’m not correct, then you need to submit the question again. But I’ll just comment myself, if this is what you’re talking about, I have seen this—what they do.

Question: I’ve experienced several people have a huge release of stuck energy while moving their body and doing some sort of dynamic meditation. Is this also tying into the reverse energy flow you explained in one of the last conferences with the spoken word?

So my sense of this is that you can have these forms of meditation that actually force people to release emotions or emotional energy. But it does not vibrate healthy to me. I think, in many cases, it opens people’s emotional bodies up. It may release some energy, but it is such a violent release that it opens your emotional body to the astral plane or to other people and lower forces. I think people who go through something that violent will often end up feeling depleted of energy, or feeling overwhelmed and they can become open to lower beings. I would not personally do something like that.


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