Question about dark matter and dark energy

Question: Question about dark matter and dark energy. Are they corresponding? Like dark matter (corresponding) to emotional, mental and identity realms and dark energy to spiritual realms? Or what are they really? And can they be investigated further? And can it bring more conclusions about how the universe is really constructed? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the distinction between dark matter and dark energy is really artificial. It is because scientists have not yet made the quantum leap to accept the philosophical consequences of quantum physics and even relativity theory, which clearly says that everything is energy, there is no such thing as matter. It is simply a sensory-based concept that has been created. In reality, everything is energy.

What the theories of dark matter have brought into the physical awareness, or should bring into the physical awareness of people, is that the physical realm is just one part of a larger energy continuum. Matter is really energy and beyond what we call physical matter or physical energy, there are other forms of energy.

What scientists currently conceive of as dark matter and dark energy, are actually the emotional, mental and identity realms. The total energy continuum that makes up what we from an ascended perspective, call the material universe is these four octaves. Scientists have correctly seen that you, for example, cannot explain the movement of the galaxies by the gravitational force created by what you call physical matter. There must be some other force that pulls on the galaxies causing them to move the way they do. And this is of course, because there is also a certain pull, not necessarily gravitational pull, from the energy in the emotional, mental and identity realms.

What they call dark matter and energy is not the spiritual realm because that’s beyond what science can currently even deal with. Tremendous progress could of course, be made if science would begin to investigate this more. There will even in the future, be certain instruments or techniques that I can release, so that they can make this energy visible and begin to actually look into these.

Of course, you can also do this through intuitive experiences that people can gain in various experiences of this. For example, you have some years ago, what was very famous, at least in some parts of the world was the idea of astral travel, where people could be trained to travel to remote locations and do remote viewing. Well, that is obviously because people in their emotional or mental bodies can travel to other locations and observe what there is to observe there.

There are already indications of this. Many psychic people have an awareness of these realms. And it is simply a matter of time when there is that critical mass that has been reached, where there is a shift, where a larger or critical mass of scientists become willing to say: “Here’s something we need to investigate. And in order to fully investigate it, we need to expand our current paradigm. We need to look beyond a strict materialist paradigm, because otherwise we simply cannot even conceptualize what is going on beyond the physical realm.”


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