Question about communication with internal spirits

Question: This question is about communication with spirits. We need the four lower bodies to incarnate in the material universe in order to grow. I’m aware that in those four lower bodies, some internal spirits are also created to serve us for our growth and experiences in embodiment. At a certain stage of our spiritual growth, do we happen to communicate with those internal spirits by signals such as language or feelings in specific situations? And is it possible to have communication with the internal spirits that are created as responses to certain situations during embodiment? And is it possible to communicate with my I Am Presence in a similar manner?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Well the question is based on a certain misunderstanding. What we have called internal spirits are not created to aid your spiritual growth. They are created in response to disharmonious, unbalanced situations that you encounter on earth. There is a very big similarity between what we have called internal spirits and separate selves. And so, it is not constructive whatsoever to communicate with these internal spirits, because they will simply keep you engaged to get your energy, and to keep your attention focused on this instead of focused on dissolving the internal spirits.

If you attempt to communicate with them, you will most likely tie into spirits of a similar nature that exist in the astral plane or in the mental realm or even the lower identity realm and this can keep you trapped forever where you might think you are communicating with some benevolent entity, but they are just simply drawing your attention away from what actually gives you spiritual growth, which is to dissolve the spirits, dissolve the separate selves.

So, the process of communicating with your I AM Presence is not the same. But there are of course as we already talked about before people who have thought that their I AM Presence is an external being that they can communicate with as you do for example, over the telephone. You think your I AM Presence is somewhere out there, you need to find the telephone number of your I AM Presence, dial that number and talk to the Presence at a distance. But as we have said, if the I AM Presence were to do this, it would only reinforce your sense of separation from the Presence. And so therefore you do not communicate with your I AM Presence this way.

And of course, we don’t encourage anybody to communicate with spirits in the three lower realms: the emotional mental and identity realm, because they are not of an ascended stature, and therefore they are not free of self-interest. They may be relatively benign and not necessarily evil, but nevertheless they very easily become a blind alley. And it’s clear that the spirits you have in your four lower bodies are not ascended either. And therefore, they are tied to the other spirits that are outside of your consciousness in the collective— in the astral plane.

And again, this becomes just a blind alley that can engage your attention and your energies for an indefinite period of time until you decide you’ve had enough of it, and you want some real spiritual growth by dissolving the spirits—dissolving the selves. But this requires you to make a decision that you are willing to make the effort, do the work, instead of doing what may seem as the easy way of communicating in a way that you are familiar with.


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