Question about Bulgaria 

Question: What can you say about the fate, future and destination of Bulgaria? Does the country have any significance at the regional level? Does Bulgaria have a special connection with Russia? And if so, what is it? What role can spiritual people play for Bulgaria? Is it possible to revive it? What is the role of Bulgaria in a manifestation of the Golden Age of Staint Germain?

Answer from the ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

Well, I will speak here in general terms about the nations who were either part of the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact.

The primary role of all of these nations is to catch up to the point where they would have been if they had not been held back by the Soviet Union. We are not saying that the Soviet Union did not bring any kind of progress. But it was a much slower progress than these nations would have experienced if they had not been suppressed by the Soviet Union and communist ideology. The primary role, or the primary task, for all of these nations is to catch up to where they otherwise would have been if they had been allowed to develop without this external influence.

Many of these nations have a certain tie to Russia. But what do we really mean, when we talk about a tie? There can be a certain karma that goes far back into history. But as we have said, people from many different backgrounds embody in many different nations in order to bring those nations forward. You cannot really say that just because a nation was part of the Soviet bloc, then it means they must have a certain tie to Russia or the Russian people. The question really, for these nations, is not so much what was our past, but what do we want as our future?

The question really is, are you willing to, then, look at the past, look at the Soviet era, learn the lessons that can be learned for your specific nation, look at whatever mindset you created in response to this situation and transcend it so that you can move forward from here?

This is what determines your ability to tune in to the golden age ideas that Saint Germain is willing to release for every nation. But the question is, are there people in those nations who can receive those ideas?

In order to receive these ideas, you need to free yourself from the old mindset. You can say that many of the things we have talked about so far, at this conference, do not only apply to the Russian people, but also to all people who were affected by the Soviet Union because that mindset was, to a certain degree, spread, even if it originated in Russia, it was spread to other countries. Many of these countries have created their own national versions of it, which is still holding them back.


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