Question about Belarus

Question: What would the masters from their ascended perspective say, about the state of affairs in Belarus, and what would be the most favorable direction of its development? And what can the masters say about the presidency of Lukashenko, his personality, and the prospect of a change in the country?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

There are many similarities between Belarus and Ukraine, in a sense that there has been a need to move away from the Soviet mindset and in to a more open mindset that is more devoted to freedom. Ukraine, the people in Ukraine, are further along in this development which is why they do not have as dictatorial of a government as you have in Belarus.

As we have said before, any government is a reflection of the collective consciousness of the people. There is a tendency that if people get a dictatorial form of government, it is because they are not willing to take responsibility for their own situation. Now, obviously, we understand very well, that people who have grown up in the Soviet Union, or any other dictatorship for that matter, had to adapt to this by simply putting out the fire of freedom in their hearts, because they have realized that this is not going to allow them to survive. And so we are no way blaming these people, we understand that they have grown up in a very difficult situation. But still, we need people to recognize that there is a connection between the consciousness of the people and the kind of leaders that they have.

You need to recognize that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, there was a shock in the collective consciousness of all nations who have been part of the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact. If you could see what we could see from the ascended perspective, you could see that there was this great, great shock that was going through the collective consciousness, waves of this energy, a fear-based energy.

Because during Soviet times, most people knew their station in life. They knew that: “This is my job and if I do the absolute minimum required by my job, they will pay me, I will be able to live in this apartment and I will have a secure life.” Now, it seemed like this was taken away and the people reacted to this in different ways.

And so the question was, if you look at an individual nation, could a majority of the people see this as an opportunity? Or did they see it as a threat, something that caused them fear? You will see, and the nations that have made the most progress since the breakup of the Soviet Union, that there are more people who saw it as an opportunity.

In the nations that have made less progress, such as Belarus and some of the other former Soviet Republics, more people saw it as a threat. They preferred, as we have said before, a known misery to an uncertain opportunity. Of course, we recognize that in Belarus you have a special situation because you have a president who, quite frankly, even though you didn’t ask about it, is a fallen being in embodiment, who has created a campaign against entrepreneurship.

It is, of course, entrepreneurship in the other countries that has transformed their economy, and made it better, given people a better life. By having such an active campaign against this, he is actually making it very difficult for the economy to grow, which he does not care about because he wants to maintain his power. But it also means that there is this self-reinforcing effect where most people are afraid to take an initiative and those souls who are ready to take an initiative will choose to be incarnated in some other nation, many of them. It is a very difficult situation to overcome and that is why we can only encourage a certain amount of patience. Because you cannot expect, as an ascended master student, that a few students in a country can make the calls and then there will be an instantaneous effect.

You need to look at this in a more long-term perspective and not be discouraged. Continue to make the calls, by all means, call for a change in a collective consciousness so that people wake up, take more responsibility and think about: “Do we want to continue to live in a nation like this or do we not?” Because the first step is that a majority of the people come to that point of decision, where they decide: “I no longer want to live with this kind of government, in this kind of a repressive country,” and then change will begin to happen. I can assure you that most dictators, will feel it at some level, when there is that shift in the collective consciousness. They will realize that they need to allow certain reforms. This was even what Gorbachev felt when he started talking about glasnost and perestroika and sought to reform the Soviet Union.

You need to make the calls and hold the vision for this to happen. It may only take a few years, it may also take longer depending on the people’s willingness to actually make that decision. I am not saying that they need to go on the barricades and start fighting that government. I am only saying they need to come to the point in their own minds, where they make that decision.


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