Question about bacteria

Question: It is a materialistic question, but I would like to understand the topic better. The masters have said that bacteria were created by the low consciousness of human beings. In biology we use DNA in order to tell how old the lineage of an organism is. Bacteria are very ancient according to this. If  human beings created bacteria, then how can it appear that bacteria are more ancient than humans? I have imagined ways this can be. But it could be that by the time human consciousness created these organisms, the cells of these microorganisms became denser before our bodies, and the ones from other organisms became dense, or the whole idea of using DNA to track the past organisms or to track the past of organisms is flawed.  

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

This is a complex question. And we have sometimes said that there are questions that we cannot give a full answer to because we haven’t given enough background teachings. But I will give a brief answer. In Maitrea’s book about Spiritual Freedom, you have the concept that there have been two parallel evolutionary tracks associated with earth. And one of them was what you see as the process of biological evolution that started a very, very long time ago, before there were human beings in the physical octave. But even back then, there were beings in the emotional, mental and identity realm. And what happened in the physical octave was not disconnected from what happened in the three higher octaves.

So the short and simple answer is that it is a matter of how you use the word “human beings”. If you expand it to incorporate self-aware beings who embodied as you might say, in all of the four octaves associated with the physical universe, then you see that even before there were human beings in the physical realm, there were self-aware beings in the higher realms, that influenced what was happening at the physical level. The consciousness of these beings, whether you want to call them human beings or not, in the three higher realms could influence biological evolution, even before there were human beings in embodiment.

But you also need to recognize that even though there were bacteria before there were human beings, not all of the bacteria you have today are that ancient or had the same properties millions of years ago as they have today. And therefore, many of the diseases you have today that are caused by bacteria were caused after human being started taking physical embodiment.


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