Quantum computing, Aristotelian logic and the evolution of the universe

Question: The question is about quantum computing. We’ve had a long period now of the binary system of ones and zeros either on or off, not both; and now quantum computing and quantum physics is really approaching a breakthrough of multiple states, simultaneous states, superposition and so on. It seems there is a parallel going down the linear line into the spherical reality and I wonder about positive outcomes and directions and potentials between one and zero…and so on…

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

It is clear that the form of computing you have now is not the ultimate stage of the evolution of computer technology. I naturally have in my plan for the Golden Age much more advanced forms of computing. Quantum computing as it is popularly called is a field that has some potential, but it does not have a real potential with the current binary computing system. It is necessary to step up to a more advanced form of computing where you do not have just on and off signals, but a variety of signals of, so to speak, gradations in between on and off.

You may say, is not it contradictory that something can be both on and off, but the reason why you think so is because scientific inquiry has been based on Aristotelian thinking, as Astrea said. Aristotelian logic says that a statement can be true or it can be untrue, but it cannot be both true and untrue at the same time. The reality is that this is a very limited perspective because you are creating a system where your understanding of reality has to be reduced to statements that can be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, a ‘true’ or ‘untrue’, an ‘on’ or ‘off’.

My beloved, what has created the entire universe with all of the multiplicity you see? Current computing is based on the idea that by combining the two signals – on and off – in a sequence, you can encode all possible information. This is a complete fallacy. You can only encode the kind of information that can be expressed in an “on and off,” binary mindset.

Nature is not binary. The universe is not either ‘on’ fully in its present state or ‘off.’ The Big Bang did not instantly manifest the current physical universe. Everything has been an evolution. This has happened through an infinite variety of the combination of various elements that have even evolved over time so that there are more elements today than there were at the time of what scientists call the Big Bang—not that I am endorsing that particular philosophy and theory.

You need to recognize here that for computing to reach its full potential, people need to be able to think beyond the binary mindset, and there are people in embodiment who are able to do this. There will not be a real breakthrough before these people come to the forefront and they are able to express their intuitive sense of what these other signals could be. This is too technical for the messenger’s knowledge but there are people in embodiment who can take computing to the next level by tuning into my vision for this.

Now, it also needs to be recognized that, as I said before, there are some times where I have to release technology that takes humanity to another level but it is not the ultimate form of technology. Computing is simply a tool. It is not so that there will come a point where computers can solve all problems. Computers are just one among many tools that will bring the Golden Age. It is not by any means the only one because, as I have said before, what really will bring the golden age is that more and more people tune in to the ideas that are coming from my mind.

It is, as the Platonian or Plato’s logic, that there are ideal forms in a higher realm that can be brought into the physical realm. What was lacking from Plato’s philosophy (in a more specific sense at least), was that he did not quite realize that this happens through the human mind because you are the co-creators. Ultimately, it is intuition that is the key to bringing fourth the Golden Age, not to create some kind of supercomputer that can suddenly know everything. As Astrea said, knowing everything about the details of the universe, which is primarily what computers are being used for and are suited for, will not help you understand the whole.

There is definitely promise in the technology and there will be some breakthroughs in computing. Computing will not reach its full potential until the current materialistic mindset is transcended by a greater number of scientists and technicians, inventors, economists, politicians, and people in general so that they can accept that the universe is not materialistic, is not mechanical in nature.

If you think about it, really, the current understanding of quantum physics, which is quite frankly incomplete, but nevertheless the reason why there is a talk of quantum computing and parallel states and all these things is that quantum physics opened up for the possibility that the universe is not mechanical. Isaac Newton brought forth a philosophy that said that the universe was working according to invariable laws so there were no exceptions in the Newtonian worldview.

In the quantum worldview there is always the possibility that 99.9% of the time the ball does not pass through the wall but at one point it could happen that the ball passed though the wall. This actually demonstrates to you that science is at the point where it needs to recognize that if we want to step up to a higher level we need to recognize that the universe is not mechanical.

What does it mean that the universe is not mechanical? What is it that can create this variableness that makes it possible sometimes to go beyond the laws of nature that function most of the time? What is it that could potentially make these laws of nature unnecessary so we transcend them to a higher level?

Well, it is precisely consciousness, and therefore there comes a point where scientists will have to look at the human brain and how the human brain processes information because it is a much more subtle, much more multifaceted way. This is, again, the key to understanding the future of computing where you encode information not in a binary way but in a much more multifaceted way. Again, there are people who are close to breaking through and understanding this and who are able to tune in to the ideas I wish to release.


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