QAnon movement

Question: Will the ascended masters comment on the huge QAnon movement taking place in America and across the world? Is the Ascended Host working with leaders in this organization? Or is this just a group that polarizes the current fallen being establishment in America?

 Kim: If you are not familiar with this, QAnon, it is apparently something that started a few years ago on some message boards  where somebody came up with a theory that there is a satanic cult or cabal of pedophiles that, first of all have these pedophile rings, but they also are secretly running the world. And if I understand it correctly, most of them are democrats and the only threat to their control of the world is Donald Trump. Who, even if he is not aware of it, is working against them. But I will let Mother Mary comment on it. This was just in case you did not know what it was, I did not know what it was. I had to look it up.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, let me first assure you that the ascended masters are, not in any way, working with anybody behind this movement. We had nothing to do with it. We are not releasing any of the ideas that this movement is using.

It is a movement that, in an ultimate sense, was started by certain fallen beings who are working through people who are vulnerable to being taken over and used in this way by fallen beings. Many of these people are, of course, not aware of this consciously. They believe they are doing something. But very few of them actually believe in their own ideas. There are some of these people who are, what we would call, internet trolls. There are some that simply think they are conducting an experiment to see what they can get people to believe in. But there is also a certain element of some of these known troll factories in Russia and China that have at least taken this movement and magnified it, because they can see that it served their purpose which basically is to create as much chaos as possible.

As a spiritual person, what you need to do is several things. First of all, you need to use common sense and logic when you are evaluating some of these claims. You can see in this case that, if there was a secret movement that really was controlling the world, and if the only threat to their control is that Donald Trump was elected, well, how could Donald Trump get elected? If they were really controlling the world why would they not have prevented him from getting elected? This means that if he did get elected, they could not be in full control of the world, right?

The other thing I would like to point out here is that there is, of course, a real problem with pedophiles. And some of them are in Hollywood and in other media outlets, but I can assure you that they are not confined to the Democratic Party. There are also Republicans who are pedophiles, there are high level business people, financiers and banking people who are pedophiles. And they are found in many areas of society, even in government. You have to recognize here that pedophilia is something that cannot in any way be tied to political affiliation, race, ethnicity, or any of these other divisions. It is a perversion of the soul that goes back many, many lifetimes, and therefore has nothing to do with the outer characteristics or beliefs of the person in this lifetime.

But what you see here is that there are these people who are willing to create these conspiracy theories. And in order to draw people in, they take a real problem that people are concerned with, and then they give it a twist that now gives it a political dimension. And this is how they make some people believe in this. And it has, in large part, been believed by people who have been blinded by what we might call the “Republican illusion.” The Republican illusion that it is only the Republican party that can save America from ruin. And this is something that has been created now for a number of years, and partly by the fundamentalist Christians, I mean, evangelical Christians in the United States, and their epic mindset based on their fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible, which is black and white thinking that everything will go wrong if things do not go the way they think they should be going.

You have to recognize here that as an ascended master student, it should be possible for you to use the teachings we have given, to use our dictations to sense what is a vibration that is not fear based. You can then use this as a frame of reference to sense when there is something, an idea or a theory, that is clearly fear based. And this idea is clearly fear based. It is infused with a vibration of fear.

And I can assure you that, not only do these fear based theories not come from the ascended masters, they have no real truth to them. They cannot have real truth if they are based on fear and if they encourage fear. Because even though we may give you a very serious message, we are not seeking to induce fear, because we know the realistic potential for change. Most conspiracy theories are as we have said before, dis-empowering because they do not give you a potential for change, or they may give you a potential but it is not something you can really do anything about other than perhaps be angry or seek to influence or force other people. And this does not help set you free from the dualistic mindset.

Now to be honest with you, my beloved, if you are an ascended master student or if you consider yourself an ascended master student, and you have believed in or still believe in this and other conspiracy theories, you need to seriously reevaluate where you are at on your spiritual path. You will need to seriously consider that you have an issue with discernment. And you need to decide whether you will allow yourself to be more sucked into these theories or whether you will make an effort to pull yourself back on the path of the ascended masters.

Because you cannot do both. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot spend time indulging your attention and allowing your energy to flow into these theories. You cannot sit there and allow your auras to be infused with these fear based energies. And then at the same time follow the path towards Christhood and the ascension. If you believe that these theories have some element of Christ truth, then you are on the false path. You are on the left handed path and you have no connection to the Christ mind. The universal Christ mind.


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