Putin and the threat of nuclear war

Question: President Biden has stated that the world is now closer to a nuclear Armageddon, than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Vladimir Putin holds the nuclear threat like a gun to the head of the Western leaders. Is this a case now, where the master’s should consider removing Putin from physical embodiment?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

Well, as we have commented on, the likelihood that Putin will use nuclear weapons is small. And even if he used it in a limited capacity, it would certainly incur a reaction from the world that he probably is not prepared to endure. Like we have explained, like Portia explained, he is trapped in a certain perception filter, but he still thinks that he has a way out of this, that he has a way to still maintain his position in Russia and cover over the mistakes. We have also said that he thinks like a mafia boss who uses intimidation where there is really not the physical threat behind it.

You need to recognize that President Biden and many people in the Biden administration, in the military and the CIA go back to the days of the Cold War, they understand somewhat the thinking of the Soviet Union, people and of Putin. So they realize that his threats of nuclear war is more an attempt at intimidation. He is sort of, so to speak, testing the waters saying as we have explained: “What can make the Western nations give in? What can make them force the Ukrainians to settle, so they get some part of Ukraine?” And so he is simply testing how do nations react to the nuclear threat. There are people in America who are aware of this and therefore they are simply throwing this back. In other words, for each threat, they are threatening severe consequences, because they realize this is how Putin thinks.

There is however, also another aspect of this that you will see in the Western response to these threats. There are quite a number of nations in the West now, who are very much trapped in this very linear, intellectual analytical mindset. But there are many other cultures especially in the East or in the Hispanic cultures where they do not have the same linear mindset.

In other words, you can see a person from a different culture meeting with a person from a Western culture and the Western person says: “Would you do this for me?” And the other person says: “Oh, yes, I will”. Now in his mind he has no intention of doing this. But he does not want to say it directly. So he just says he will. And then he goes his way and figures he can find a way to avoid doing it.

In other words there is a difference in how people look at what they say. In a Western linear mind if you say something you mean it. To the Western mind threatening nuclear war is such a severe thing that you would only do it if you absolutely meant it. And that is why some people look at Putin and they think, well, he must be like us. So if he says it, he really means it. But as I said to Putin, there is not necessarily a direct connection between what he says and what he is prepared to do. He is just throwing something out there, to see what effect it has.

Many of the things that Putin has said over the years, were these kinds of statements. He says something to see what the effect is. Sometimes he says something because he knows it will provoke and he just wants people to react to it. He wants to force them to react.

If he was serious about starting a large-scale nuclear war, then he would be taken out of embodiment. But at this moment, we still think that it’s more valuable to have him in embodiment because he is making so many mistakes that he is forcing the Russian people to see what they are not willing to see. He is also forcing people in the rest of the world and you see that even the Chinese are concerned about the war and would prefer that it did not escalate further.

So these are important developments to give this time to focalize so that there is more of a united response or united opposition to Russia’s aggression, and especially the brutality and inhumanity that they are demonstrating to the world.


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