Putin and his lifespan

Question: In 2015 Saint Germain said that Vladimir Putin was being held in embodiment by the Russian people and there was a 90% chance that he would come out of incarnation before 2018. It did not happen. At the conference in Novosibirsk the Ascended Masters said they paradoxically would like to see that the era of Putin governing would continue because Putin could not stop the growth of the consciousness of the Russian people. What has changed since then? Is Putin still kept in embodiment by the Russian people or how can he now receive energy from God? On the other hand, on the internet there is a conspiracy theory that the real Putin died long ago and whom we see now is his body double. They say that there are five or six of his doubles. Theorists claim dramatic changes in Putin’s appearance and apparent inconsistencies in his ability to speak German and that a divorce from his wife are all proof the Russian President is not the real one. How are things really?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

My Beloved, not all prophecies come true and in this case it was the 10% that became the reality. You need to understand here that when we give a certain prophecy we are looking at a very complicated matrix of potentials. There was a potential in the identity and mental realms that this could indeed bring a change that would take Putin out of embodiment. As it so happened the Russian people clung to their sense of security and this meant that there were blockages in the emotional realm that prevented the descent of what was actually the greater potential. In terms of the conspiracy theories this is not something to really worry about and we will not comment on it because it is too unrealistic.

However, in terms of the question of how can Putin receive energy from God. The question would be “why do you think Putin has been receiving energy from God?’ We have given the teaching before, that there can come a point where a being has been cut off from receiving energy from its I AM presence and it can only continue to stay in embodiment by receiving energy from other people in embodiment. That is what I indeed meant when I said that the Russian people were keeping Putin alive.

The reason we have said that we would prefer that the Putin era of government would continue is that there was at the time and still really isn’t a viable alternative in terms of a successor who could create some kind of positive development in Russia. This in large part has to do with the fact that the Russian people have not come up higher to a high enough point where they could recognize a more enlightened leader.

Yet we do foresee that there is an upward movement in the consciousness among many Russian people and that this will bring positive change to Russia but it is more of a long term perspective. That is why as we see in many other countries around the world, we would prefer a more gradual development rather than some kind of violent revolutionary change that in too many cases brings a country from one extreme to another and therefore creates such instability that it actually halts the long term progression of the country.


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