Pure vs. perverted sexual practices

Question: The ascended master Astrea in the recent webinar for Russia mentioned that some Russian men are exploiting women through impure sexual practices. Could we know the acts that fall under ‘pure’ practices. If acts are improper to be mentioned, can the criteria to understand which practices are pure and impure be mentioned so as they can be avoided.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, there are certainly no sexual acts that are improper to be mentioned by an ascended master but of course, some ascended master students might find it improper, if we did describe them in explicit detail.

But what we can say is that the exploitation of women is a complex topic, it is not just a matter of the actual acts that are performed, also the attitude with which they are performed. First of all, what makes the sexual act impure is the attitude of the people involved, in this case, the attitude of the men who are using some kind of force, some kind of intimidation, some kind of pressure, some kind of manipulation, to get women to submit to their sexual desires.

So when men have this attitude that they have a right to force women, the sexual interaction is always impure. When they have the attitude that women are a lower form of being, they are just there for men’s sexual gratification, they should be a kind of sexual slave, they should to admit to the man’s desire, especially when they are married, then this in itself, this attitude in itself makes the sexual act impure.

There are certain sexual practices that have a particular influence on the energy flow in the chakras. This is something that is simply a matter of the energy flow, how the chakras are lined up. If a man enters a woman from behind as animals are doing, this does not create a positive upward energy flow in the chakras of either of the two. Reversing the position of the bodies, so that the chakras are reversed in their direction also influences the energy flow.

But really, in general, it is this: Is there force involved in the sexual act? Is there a derogatory, negative, humiliating attitude towards women on the part of the men? Of course, also the women can have an impure attitude, partly towards men, partly towards themselves, and this will always be a perversion of the sexual act, which does not create a positive energy flow.

You can say that a pure sexual act is one where the man or for that matter, the woman is not seeking personal gratification. There is a desire to have gratification of both parties, that both parties come to an orgasm, that both parties are emotionally satisfied by the act. This means there has to be a connection between the man and the woman, they actually need to not just strive for sexual gratification in the form of an orgasm, but strive to go beyond the physical gratification and have a deeper connection between them, a psychological, emotional, spiritual connection.

When two people can achieve this deeper oneness, then you have the maximum positive energy flow of the sexual act, which then really is not a sexual act as the world defines it. It is a spiritual act of unity, unification and harmony.

Naturally, you also need to see that when there is any kind of violence involved with the sexual act, whether it is a man forcing the woman physically, whether he is beating up the woman, or whether there is what you call sadomasochistic sex, then this also creates a non constructive energy flow. There are of course, other such what you would normally call more extreme or perverted sexual practices that people have developed or discovered over the ages, too many to mention, but you get the general idea that whenever there is force or violence involved, even psychological force and psychological violence, then it is a downward energy flow that is created.

It very much ties in, especially in the man to these beasts and entities in the collective consciousness that then causes him to be pulled into a negative spiral where his sexual desires become insatiable, become obsessive, and he becomes obsessive compulsive about having sex. This really hurts the man as much or more than it hurts the woman. So it is not just a matter of liberating women from these perverted sexual practices. It is also a matter of liberating men, because the men are, in many cases even more trapped, because the women at least realize that they are being forced, and therefore they can close themselves off emotionally. Whereas the man often opens himself up emotionally to the dark forces behind this.


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