Psycho-pharmic drugs and mental illness

Question: Do antidepressants affect the four lower bodies in a similar way to alcohol and other drugs? Do they lower the ability to have control over your mind?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

There are certainly some similarities but the field of antidepressants is of course quite vast and there are new antidepressants coming into use all of the time. You might say that there are different types of alcohol but they still have the same basic ingredient, namely alcohol, that affects the mind. The antidepressants is a much more varied field.

They do of course affect your four lower bodies so you don’t have the same degree of control over them. In a sense, you could say, that that is the outer purpose that people have because people take the antidepressants when they feel that they have a pain or a chaos, a stress in their emotional body, for example, that they cannot consciously stop. So, in a sense, they feel they have lost control over their emotional body, for example and they take the antidepressant in order to numb the emotional body to where they no longer feel they’re out of control but this of course doesn’t help you gain control over the emotional body, it just numbs it so that the problem isn’t as severe, it doesn’t solve the problem.

Now, there are of course psycho-pharmic drugs on the market that are beyond just antidepressants but have other uses. Some of these drugs are not so far away from what you call psychedelic drugs, in the sense that they can have a very severe negative impact on the mind in various ways.

Although, in the current situation, you could say that there’s a practical necessity to use some of these drugs for severe illnesses, it’s clear that in the long run, this is a very, very primitive approach to mental illness. It’s clear that there are much better approaches, some have even already been brought into the physical but others could be brought into the physical. It’s clear that, there are some mental illnesses where, as some people have even experienced, that the only real solution is spiritual protection. To protect yourself from dark forces that are constantly invading your mind.

Again, the psycho-pharmic drugs cannot stop the dark forces but they can numb your mind, so you are not so disturbed by it. In coming decades, there will be a much broader awareness about this. There will be a willingness to experiment even with the techniques you have today, decrees and invocations, because there will come a point where there will be therapists who will simply say: We have people who are suffering; we need to experiment to find something that works. It doesn’t matter what we think about it, whether we believe in it or not. The only matter is, does it help people?  And if it does, then we can use it.

Regardless of whether we understand how it works or not, regardless of whether we agree with any philosophy behind it. If it works, we can use it. That is, of course, the hallmark of a true scientist. That is why you can see that some of the people who are focused on developing the drugs are not really true scientists. They are working for companies that are only concerned about making a profit, regardless of the effect this has on people. Behind this is, of course, the fallen beings who are seeking to develop drugs that can abort people’s Christhood, that can prevent people from reaching a certain state of Christhood, by numbing their minds.

There are fallen beings who would gladly have all human beings on Earth take antidepressants that were numbing their minds as you have already seen in some cases, for example, in America, where an entire town has been on Prozac or where an entire town has been given opiates that have caused various kinds of addictions. Clearly when you see this, you can recognize the footsteps of the fallen beings who have taken over the minds of seemingly well-meaning human beings and caused them to do these acts that truly can only be labeled as insane.


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